On the Corona Panic and Other Insanities, by Hans Hermann-Hoppe

A renowned thinker dissects Covid and the anti-liberty response to it. He’s not optimistic. From Hans Hermann-Hoppe at lewrockwell.com:

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is interviewed by Andrea Venanzoni for the Italian Online Magazine Atlantico. Rivista Di Analisi Politica, Economica e Geopolitica @ atlanticoquotidiano.it

Q: The pandemic and the very often liberticidal, restrictive responses devised by states have led many people to rediscover the value of individual freedom, of natural law, as opposed to positive law. Do you think that the general climate may be conducive to a resurgence of libertarian analyses of society and the shortcomings of the state? 

HHH: It is probably useful to briefly sum up what has happened during the last one and a half years and what is still continuing to this day. Never before during peacetime have our liberties been as drastically and severely restricted, ranging from house arrests to curfews, business closures, bans on work, production, travel, movement and association. There were some differences from country to country or region to region as regards the severity of these restrictions, but nowhere was life allowed to go on in its normal way. And all of this was done in the name of protecting the population from a supposedly deadly and highly infectious virus that otherwise, without these restrictions, would allegedly cause a dramatic or even catastrophic increase in the mortality rate.

It became quickly apparent, however, that none of this is true. In the overwhelming number of cases (some 80%) the virus is a-symptomatic, such that a person would not even know that it had been affected by it if the person had not been subjected to an artificial and highly unreliable test. That in all such a-symptomatic cases, a person posed no infectious risk whatsoever for other people. That, even if the virus was accompanied by symptoms of illness, the patient would survive his illness in practically all cases (in more than 99% of all cases for people under the age of 70, and in about 95% of all cases in the age group of 70+). That, taking the population size and the age structure into account, there was no significant excess mortality to be found as compared to other, previous time periods with an intense flu season. And that the casualty rate (of ill and dead) for countries or regions with hard and severe lockdowns, such as Germany or California, for instance, did not significantly differ from those with comparatively mild and lenient restrictions, such as Sweden or Florida.

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