Their Own Stupidity and Selfishness, by Eric Peters

Is it selfish or stupid to take care of one’s self? If so, we need a lot more of such selfishness and stupidity. From Eric Peters at

We hear – we cannot escape hearing – about the putative “stupidity” and “selfishness” of healthy people who refuse to pretend they are sick (for the sake of the feelings of people who are sick in the head) and who are refusing to be injected with a substance that has made tens of thousands very sick.

Including sick from the sickness supposedly “vaccinated” against. It seems a little  . . . stupid, does it not?

I’ll speak now of my own “stupidity” and “selfishness.”

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I drink occasionally and moderately. I eat almost no processed food – the occasional indulgence excepted – and I make the effort to hit the gym every other day and the trail (to run) on the days I don’t hit the gym. For these very selfish – but far from stupid – reasons, I am . . . healthy.

I can still wear the size 32 waist pants I wore in high school more than 30 years ago. I take no pills, because I don’t need to take any pills. This is not just luck. Or good genetics. It is because of selfish actions taken by me.

Because I am not stupid.

Because I do not wish to get sick. Which can be avoided, to a great extent – and greatly ameliorated – by keeping healthy. On account of which, I have not gotten sick, notwithstanding I haven’t once “practiced” any form of the sick Kabuki expected of the healthy – most particularly, the wearing of the medically idiotic but psychologically very effective Face Diaper, or “mask” as the disgusting things are styled.

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