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Allopathia, by Eric Peters

Nobody wants to get sick, but few want to take the steps necessary to remain healthy. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

One of the great incongruities of our time is the obsession with sickness, on the one hand – and the lack of interest, on the other hand, in doing what it takes to be healthy.

And thereby avoid most sicknesses.

This phenomenon could be called allopathia – a combination of allopathic (as in mainstream medicine, that focuses on symptoms – and suppression of them – rather than on causes and changing one’s habits to correct them) and pathological; i.e., compulsive/obsessive.

People who suffer from allopathia compulsively and obsessively wear “masks” – because mainstream medicine told them to. They took “vaccines” on the same basis. But they have little interest in losing weight, or changing what they eat. Or what they do, as in terms of exercising rather than “masking.” Because mainstream medicine hasn’t told them to.

Possibly out of ignorance, as modern medical schools devote almost no attention to nutrition and exercise. A fraction of the attention that is devoted to pharmacological symptom suppression, which is no doubt focused on because the pharmaceutical conglomerates fund much of modern allopathic medical education. As in roughly half of all continuing medical education (CME) in this country. How about that? Isn’t that like having the insurance conglomerates  fund the “safety” studies that end up being used to “adjust” the premiums of the insurance coverage people are forced to buy?

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Difficult Times Ahead — How to Break Free From the System, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

You can’t learn enough about how to survive what’s coming. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Story at-a-glance

  • While natural medicine is often viewed with suspicion as something “novel” and “unproven,” it’s actually allopathic medicine that is the new kid on the block. Before John D. Rockefeller seized control over the medical industry 112 years ago, naturopathic-based herbal medicine, sun exposure and homeopathy were standard
  • Today, the Rockefeller Foundation is part of The Great Reset cast, which seeks to gain total control over every person in the world — financially, medically, physically and psychologically
  • Several crises are now converging, and all of them are life threatening to some degree, starting with the bioweapon they call the COVID “vaccine.” We also face supply chain issues, and shortages of food and energy. Maintaining good health will become a primary concern moving forward, as we’ll face many added stressors
  • Simple and free strategies that will improve and protect your health include getting regular sun exposure — the benefits of which include vitamin D production, vitamin A activation and, most importantly, subcellular melatonin production — and optimizing your circadian rhythm
  • Eliminating seed oils from your diet and implementing time-restricted eating are two simple ways to improve your metabolic health, reverse insulin resistance and reduce excess body fat

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Life Before Processed Food


Daniel Holland🎗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ॐ on Twitter: "Fattest man in the world  -1903, compared to a US Policeman in 2012. http://t.co/1hN6bdED" / Twitter

h/t The Burning Platform

Their Own Stupidity and Selfishness, by Eric Peters

Is it selfish or stupid to take care of one’s self? If so, we need a lot more of such selfishness and stupidity. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

We hear – we cannot escape hearing – about the putative “stupidity” and “selfishness” of healthy people who refuse to pretend they are sick (for the sake of the feelings of people who are sick in the head) and who are refusing to be injected with a substance that has made tens of thousands very sick.

Including sick from the sickness supposedly “vaccinated” against. It seems a little  . . . stupid, does it not?

I’ll speak now of my own “stupidity” and “selfishness.”

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I drink occasionally and moderately. I eat almost no processed food – the occasional indulgence excepted – and I make the effort to hit the gym every other day and the trail (to run) on the days I don’t hit the gym. For these very selfish – but far from stupid – reasons, I am . . . healthy.

I can still wear the size 32 waist pants I wore in high school more than 30 years ago. I take no pills, because I don’t need to take any pills. This is not just luck. Or good genetics. It is because of selfish actions taken by me.

Because I am not stupid.

Because I do not wish to get sick. Which can be avoided, to a great extent – and greatly ameliorated – by keeping healthy. On account of which, I have not gotten sick, notwithstanding I haven’t once “practiced” any form of the sick Kabuki expected of the healthy – most particularly, the wearing of the medically idiotic but psychologically very effective Face Diaper, or “mask” as the disgusting things are styled.

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The Obsession of the Unhealthy, by Eric Peters

Little attention is paid in the legacy media to the co-morbidities that afflict those who contract Covid-19, because many of them stem from choices of the afflicted. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There is an old joke about the fat lady ordering fast food. She gets a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries . . . and a diet Coke.

She probably just got the shot, too. She almost certainly wore the Face Diaper.

It is an interesting, almost mathematical axiom that the people most freaked out about their health are the people who are the least healthy in terms of their habits, which tends to render one unhealthy.

It’s less the ‘Rona that’s killing people than obesity, largely caused by eating “food” not far removed from flavored drywall paste (washed down with lots of over-sweetened liquid diabetes in an estrogen-leaching plastic bottle) and killing habits such as not regularly exercising, which increases the tendency toward obesity. Add some pills – and vaccines – to the mix and what you end up with, ta-da, is a population of vulnerable people who easily get sick – sometimes very – from what would otherwise likely be minor illnesses, if they even got sick at all.

The “science” supports this, incidentally. It’s just not discussed, much.

Who – other than the elderly – is most likely to die from the ‘Rona? Get your parking ticket validated if you answered, obese people. If you’re elderly and heavy then you’re in trouble – but it’s not because of the ‘Rona. It’s because you’re unhealthy – and the cure for that isn’t medicine.

Which by the way may make you even more unhealthy and vulnerable.

Put another way: If you are height-weight proportionate, exercise regularly and are careful about what you eat, your health is the medicine that will keep you from getting sick. This is an inarguable truth and far more “safe and effective” than the supposed palliative being really pushed on people right now – including, strangely, on quite healthy people.

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“No 90-year old ever complained about being too healthy. . .” by Simon Black

There are some things you can’t have too much of. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

“No 90-year old ever complained about being too healthy,” my friend Dr. Michael Bilof joked to me over lunch on Saturday.

Mike is a vascular and bariatric surgeon, as well as an anti-aging expert. And he’d just given us a really interesting presentation about how to prolong both quantity AND quality of life; he called it “How to live to 100… without feeling like 100.”

This was at the annual meeting of the Atlas 400 that took place over the weekend in beautiful Park City, Utah.

I’m on the board of Atlas, so it’s my duty to attend– I flew up and back just for the weekend.

But even without being on the board, I wouldn’t dream of missing it. I’ve attended every annual meeting since the inception of the club more than a decade ago… primarily because the members are all so great, and because I learn so much.

Dr. Mike was one of the speakers, along with Professor Peter Turchin– a highly cited researcher who studies the collapse of empires and complex civilizations.

Prof. Turchin’s extensive research showed us that western civilization has entered a new crisis era that could easily last a decade or more, just like in the US in the 1860s and early 1960s.

I’ll have more about his conclusions in a future letter because they’re highly intriguing and will likely affect us all. But I want to get back to Mike for now, and I think you’ll see why in a moment.

Dr. Mike’s presentation on wellness and longevity was grounded in multi-disciplinary medical science, biochemistry, and common sense. And it was truly insightful.

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Herd Immunity, by Hardscrabble Farmer

Many of the ills besetting modern humanity come from what we have called progress. From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform.com:

We just wrapped up the sugaring season, our tenth one. Now that all the syrup is made, we’ll start to pull taps and flush lines, clean up the evaporator and restock wood for next year. There will be a couple of days of power washing and scrubbing, hiking back up into the maple orchard and walking back out again at the end of the day. We’ll have to work with the weather to catch the right mix of the warm sunny days to wash and dry hundreds of buckets, lids, and spiles and scrub the out the totes before we put them back in storage until next year.

It was a so-so year for production but the quality was as good as anything we have ever made. The time up in the sugarbush between the end of January when we started clearing out the deadwood and repairing broken lines and first run in early March was an opportunity to reflect on the past year. That’s one of the advantages of living in tune with the seasons, the ability to apprehend both the passage of time outside of man-made means. I watched as my sons took on ever more responsibility this season, carrying the tool bags slung over their shoulders, both of them taller than they were last year, their hair down to their shoulders now.

I have been paying closer attention to the older trees in the stand, trying to identify the ones in the terminal stages of decline to remove from the mainlines and watching for the emerging ones mature enough to take their place. From up on top of the esker, even in the middle of the big stand of hemlocks you could look through the black lace of the bare branches and see the herd pretend to graze on the snow-covered pasture below. Last year’s bullocks are filling out, even at the tail end of Winter, and all of the cows are wide with this year’s calves only weeks away now. For all of the furor that took place out there somewhere since this time last year, everything here has just matured, like a fine wine.

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Lockdowns Worsen the Health Crisis, by Kiley Holliday and Jenin Younes

Locked in your domicile all day, overeating and getting no exercise makes you fatter, and obesity is the second most prevalent comorbidity (behind advanced age) for Covid. From Kiley Holliday and Jenin Younes at aier.org:

One of the most infuriating aspects of a year replete with illogical, short-sighted public health mandates has been the utter failure of those within the public health profession to adequately address the role that poor diet and lack of exercise have played in exacerbating the coronavirus crisis.  In fact, many of the decrees ostensibly issued in the name of public health have had the effect only of aggravating the underlying problem.

A recent global study found that obesity is a “driving factor in COVID-19 deaths,” and that Covid-19 death rates are an astonishing ten times higher in countries where most adults are overweight.  Although advanced age is the strongest indicator of a severe outcome from a coronavirus infection, “being overweight comes a close second,” the report determined.  The CEO of the World Obesity Federation went so far as to blame the “failure to address the root causes of obesity over many decades . . . for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.”  While the study makes evident the degree to which poor underlying health is a driving force in coronavirus deaths, we have known almost since the beginning that being overweight or obese significantly increases the risk of a severe outcome.

Given this information, the Anthony Faucis and Eric Feigl-Dings of the world should focus on alerting people to the dangers of being overweight and obese, and expending significant efforts to encourage exercise and healthy diet.  Instead, they have spent the past twelve months urging people to “stay home, save lives” and to wear two masks, if not three or four, a measure not shown to have mitigated coronavirus deaths at all.

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Health, Wealth and What Kills Most of Us, by Charles Hugh Smith

A lot of death is essentially self-inflicted. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

If health is wealth, and it most certainly is the highest form of wealth, then we would be well-served to take charge of our health-wealth in terms of what behaviors we can sustainably modify.

Longtime correspondent J.F. (MD) recently shared a fascinating graphic ranking the leading causes of death in the U.S. (2016 data, pre-pandemic) compared to searches on Google and what the media reports. (see chart below) Note that this data isn’t a survey asking people to rank the leading causes of death, but it does reflect what health topics they were interested in finding more about via web searches.

The media coverage of each cause of death is also not a representation of what the media presents as the leading causes of death; it’s a reflection of the quantity of media coverage of each cause of death.

I’m making these stipulations because this reminded me of a similar chart which depicts three different views of wealth inequality in the U.S.: (see chart below)

1. The actual distribution of wealth

2. What survey respondents thought was the actual distribution of wealth

3. What survey respondents thought was the ideal distribution of wealth

This survey made quite a media splash when it was published a few years ago because wealth inequality was so much more extreme than what people thought and what they reckoned as ideal. Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think: The great divide between our beliefs, our ideals, and reality.

Here’s the source research: (Mis)perceptions of inequality

And here is a typical research presentation of just how extreme wealth inequality has become in the U.S.: Middle Class Now Holds Less Wealth than Top 1 Percent

Returning to the causes of death chart, note the remarkable disparity between the leading cause of death, heart disease, and the search and media coverage of heart disease. While heart disease causes almost a third of all deaths, the search results and media coverages were tiny fractions of the total searches/coverage.

Cancer has a higher profile, appearing in searches somewhat in proportion to its ranking as the #2 cause of death, also about a third. Media coverage of cancer was modest but far more significant than the coverage of heart disease.

Not surprisingly, the most dramatic and tragic causes of death–suicide, homicide and terrorism– attracted the most media coverage, and a larger percentage of searches than the actual percentages of causes of death.

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Why Aren’t We Promoting Health to Combat COVID? By Joseph Mercola

Since the coronavirus outbreak, there is perhaps one million media mentions of lockdowns, social distancing, masking, and vaccines for every one mention of bolstering immune systems and promoting health as defenses against the disease. From Joseph Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

It’s an unfortunate fact that health officials and pandemic response authorities, by and large, are completely ignoring the role a healthy lifestyle plays in the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing instead, almost exclusively, on the necessity for a vaccine.

According to Reuters,1 the U.S. government is planning to launch an “overwhelming” COVID-19 vaccine campaign come November. An unnamed “senior White House administration official” is quoted saying:2

“The fine line we are walking is getting the American people very excited about vaccines and missing expectations versus having a bunch of vaccines in the warehouse and not as many people want to get it. You may not hear a lot about promoting vaccines over the airwaves in August and September but you’ll be overwhelmed by it come November.”

But is a vaccine really going to be the answer people are hoping for? For example, many have bought into the mainstream narrative that masks are here to stay until or unless there’s a vaccine, and getting vaccinated would mean the end to mask mandates.

Considering the fact that neither masks nor vaccines offer significant protection against the virus, chances are such hopes will get dashed. Maria Elena Bottazzi, a COVID-19 vaccine developer at Baylor College of Medicine, recently warned3 that social distancing and face masks will likely still be required even after a vaccine becomes available, as the vaccine will not offer 100% protection against infection.

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