Democrat Covid Measures Prove They Hate Black Americans, by Parker Beauregard

The draconian and totalitarian measures enacted in response to the coronavirus have fallen the hardest on blacks. From Parker Beauregard at

Black Americans, like all Americans, have suffered from the effects of illegal, immoral, and unscientific Covid-related policies. However, their racial plight is ignored, which is surprising in the age of confining white grandmothers to solitary D.C. jail cells, hunting down white supremacists in the military during extremist stand downs, and reading children’s books in grade school whose messages can only be described as psychological abuse.

According to Joe Biden, asking for photo identification at the voting booth in 2021 is not just Jim Crow, but Jim Eagle. How many speechwriters did it take to come up with that one again? Never mind the fact that all blacks know where the local DMV is and overwhelmingly favor the measure. In an honest world, the Democrat’s approach to ID laws would be considered racist (for assuming blacks are helpless idiots) and patronizing (for assuming blacks don’t know what’s good for them), except Democrats can pretty much do whatever they want with the general black population and get away with it, abetting murder included.

Even though it is disingenuous and intended only for rigging future elections, the Democrats nevertheless have firmly staked a position against any voter identification measures. After all, they’re racist! Fact: Voter ID laws are not racist nor do they inhibit anyone from voting. As one such example, the state of Indiana enacted its “tougher” voter identification requirements ahead of the 2008 presidential election, and state residents not only carried Barack Obama in a historically rare blue shift, but witnessed record turnout among black voters.

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