Undiapering Dealerships . . . and More, by Eric Peters

We don’t have to owe our souls to the company store. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

America has been turned into a kind of inescapable hospital ward by very sick people, using the cudgel of commerce to compel the healthy – the sane – to play along. As for example by requiring healthy people to play-pretend that they are sick – or spreading sickness – and so they must wear a “mask” to enter  a store.

Including car stores.

This form of Sickness Kabuki is returning  – not because most people want to “practice” it but rather because car dealerships, being the retail outlets of large corporations, are being pressured to impose it by the large corporations to which they are beholden. The same corporations that have reinstated “mask” requirements on the assembly line floor are insisting on the same on the showroom floor.

This includes General Motors, Ford and the Stellantis combine that owns Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, who earlier this month decreed that everyone who works for them will “practice” Sickness Kabuki by wearing a “mask,” including those who’ve took the experimental “vaccine” so as to avoid having to wear the soul-effacing things.

These poor people face an economic Sophie’s Choice: Assert their sanity and lose their paycheck. Or play along with the sick Kabuki, in order to continue being paid. The pressure coming from these big corporations is responsible for most of the spread of Sickness Kabuki, which would probably never have taken hold to the degree it did if people were not threatened with loss of livelihood, at the cost of their self-respect.

A dangerously large percentage of Americans work for these corporations, which for that reason wield a dangerous degree of control over America. A literal handful of corporate executives can cause tens of millions of people to dance pitifully from the economic strings they hold. And these corporations are “interlocking” – meaning they do business among themselves and share common interests, often at odds with our individual interests, as formerly independent human beings.

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