Diaper Report 8/23/21, by Eric Peters

People are pushing back against mandates, finally. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

As the Diapers come on – again – perhaps this time the gloves will come off.

This business of doubling down on sickness kabuki for which there is no medical evidentiary basis to justify it – as regards “masks” – and the recent approval by the FDA of “vaccines” that do not prevent people from becoming sick – by the same government that is determined to force everyone to be injected with it – is wearing thin.

Unlike this time last year, when most people were willing to do as they were told – often at great cost to themselves, by government creatures who paid no cost, themselves – this time lots of people are not having it. There have been public eruptions of refusal and rebuke, as in San Diego last week – where a furiously brave woman told the government creatures who were trying to re-“mask” the population that California “is not a hospital ward” and that they had better stop trying to treat the population like patients. And that the consent of the governed has been rescinded.

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