Must Libertarians Be in Favor of Abortion? by Laurence Vance

If you believe life begins at conception, then abortion is murder. From Laurence Vance at

A prominent CDC left libertarian who loves the Covid vaccine but is against state mandates for the vaccine begins his comments with the statement: “I’m libertarian, which means I’m in favor of legal abortion.”

I cannot ignore this remark about abortion.

It does not acknowledge that there are differences of opinion on the subject of abortion among libertarians. It does not acknowledge that “pro-choice” libertarians are primarily to be found among left-libertarians. It does not acknowledge that a great number of libertarians are “pro-life” libertarians. What it does do is much more than imply that libertarians must be in favor of abortion. It states unequivocally that if one is a libertarian, then one is in favor of legal abortion. The converse, of course, is that if one is not in favor of legal abortion, then one is not a libertarian.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The libertarian case against abortion—legal or otherwise—is a simple one. It is similar to the libertarian case against murder, rape, assault, battery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, or kidnapping.

I won’t go into the gory and gruesome details of what happens to a living baby during an abortion. You can read about that here if you can stomach it. There are many pictures of aborted babies online that you can find if you are curious. I will not provide a link to those gruesome photos.

If abortion is anything, it is aggression, force, coercion, and violence against a helpless, vulnerable, innocent, defenseless baby that is only guilty of suddenly waking up in a womb and inconveniencing its mother.

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