Vaccine Authoritarianism Explained, by Max Borders

Some people are vaccine authoritarians because they like pushing people around and they pretend it’s the moral thing to do, and some just intend to profit from it. From Max Borders at

This is behavior that picks and chooses precepts from both syndromes [taking and trading], creating monstrous moral hybrids.” – Jane Jacobs, from Systems of Survival

Disclosure: I am vaccinated against Covid-19. So allow me to inoculate myself from any charges that I am an ‘anti-vaxxer.’ I am not. Yet, I join millions of people worldwide who are unsettled by vaccine mandates like those issued from the Biden Administration and from states like California. First, we should ask whether the mandates make sense from a public health perspective. Then, if not, we want to try to make sense of why authorities would double down on measures with such weak public health justification.

Mandates Make No Apparent Sense

Before we get into the political economy of that which slinks from the coital bed of government and pharma, we need briefly to get into the reasons why the current “public health” case for mandates and passports makes no sense.

  1. Schoolchildren currently have negligible risks from Covid-19. Subjecting kids to risks such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and thrombosis, however small, is not based on any rational assessment of the current data on Covid disease risks to children. So the main argument for mandatory child vaccination is that it protects adults. Not only do Covid vaccines have diminished effectiveness through time, but they also do precious little against transmissibility after only two months, especially against the variants currently raging worldwide. Breakthrough cases are legion, and waning vaccine effectiveness is well-documented. (Disclosure 2: Despite being vaccinated, I contracted Covid and passed it to my vaccinated partner and unvaccinated children.) Of course, no one has studied the long-term effects of mass mRNA vaccination on either adults or children, and even the clinical trials on children are dubious. So it’s strange to hear the usual boosters (no pun) of a more expansive regulatory state want to move full-throttle in forcing experimental therapies on kids.

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