Jan. 6 Defendants Taken Out of Cells on Stretchers: Court Filing, by Zachary Stieber

The January 6 defendants are being held in deplorable conditions. Tyrants take their revenge any way they can. From Zachary Stieber at theepochtimes.com:

Multiple Jan. 6 defendants were taken out of their cells on stretchers at the District of Columbia jail on Nov. 11, according to a court filing.

The situation started when one of the defendants refused to wear a mask, family members of Kelly Meggs, who is being held in the D.C. jail, told Meggs’s lawyer. Prison guards then began spraying a chemical substance described as “some kind of mace or pepper spray,” according to a filing in federal court.

“They sprayed mace or some type of gas at an inmate and kept missing so it went into an intake that fed into other cells, and the lady with the key left because she didn’t like the gas, so the inmates in the cells who were being fed the gas from that intake were locked in for like 15 minutes while it was going into their rooms and they couldn’t see or breathe,” the family told Jonathon Moseley, the lawyer.

More than one of the defendants was taken out on stretchers for medical attention.

Julie Kelly, a writer for American Greatness, reported on Nov. 11 that prison guards filled an area of the jail with chemical spray, and three detainees had to be taken out on stretchers.

Moseley and the D.C. Department of Corrections didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The lawyer said his client wasn’t in one of the cells that the gas was being cycled into by the ventilation system. He urged the court to explore with the Bureau of Prisons and Congress whether any federal funds are already or can be allocated to repair and upgrade the D.C. jail facilities.

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