Asymptomatically Spreading . . . by Eric Peters

Vaccinated people who nevertheless get infected can spread Covid because their vaccine masks their symptoms and they don’t know they’re infected. Which blows the case for vaccine passports out of the water. From Eric Peters at

You will no doubt recall that business about forcing everyone to wear “masks” – no matter the type or the effectiveness . . . so long as it was a “mask”  . . . on the basis of the assertion that anyone might be infected and not know it and thereby, inadvertently spread it.

Notwithstanding that the “masks” worn by most people could not prevent it.  Dust “masks” – and old bandanas – being unable to do that.

This assertion of asymptomatic spread never had any scientific support. It was simply asserted. Used – to blame-shift the healthy for the afflictions of the sick and to create the visual impression of universal sickness and universal dread of sickness, by forcing everyone to “mask up.”

It was an obedience (and degradation) ritual, nothing scientific about it – excepting for the psychological aspect of it.

Voila – instant mass hysteria.

The wheel turns and now we have the fact of “asymptomatic” spread . . . via the Jabbed. Who are infected – and infectious – but don’t feel sick because the Jab they took suppresses the symptoms of infection.

Re-read that, carefully and let the implications settle in.

Unlike vaccines – as traditionally defined (until redefined by political scientists at the CDC) the drugs being injected into people’s bodies do not immunize the person who takes them. What they do – among other things – is reduce the severity of the signs that manifest if the person is infected.

To put it crystal clearly – the “vaccinated” person can still be infected. Can be infectious. He is not, therefore, vaccinated in the sense previously understood. He not only can get sick he can spread it.


There is abundant scientific/real-world experience proving this assertion. We have the “cases” of Israel and United Kingdom, where two-thirds or more of the populace has been Jabbed and yet sickness waxes  – among the “vaccinated.” In other words, they are both getting and giving sickness among themselves and – probably – much more likely to give and to get because of the false sense of immunity they’ve been encouraged to believe in.

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