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Is COVID Now Becoming a Pandemic of the Vaccinated? By Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Omicron is spreading like wildfire . . . among the vaccinated. From Brian C. Joondeph, M.D. at americanthinker.com:

American corporate media love catchphrases that they all repeat in unison, across network and cable television and through social media. One recent example is “viral blizzard” referring to the omicron variant of COVID. A search of Google News for “viral blizzard” demonstrates how in the past several days, myriad media outlets used the term in scaremongering headlines.

Another similar phrase made the rounds this past summer, “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” attributed to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. At the time, it was believed that only the unvaccinated were transmitting, catching, and getting sick from COVID.

The same CDC Director Dr. Walensky two weeks later acknowledged, “vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.” This lead to the July 27 CDC recommendation, “that everyone wear a mask in indoor public settings in areas of substantial and high transmission, regardless of vaccination status.” So much for it being a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

This is the time when I must add this standard and necessary disclaimer that I am not anti-vaccine, having been personally vaccinated. Nor am I offering medical advice, only an analysis of this newsworthy issue with questions about ever-changing recommendations and certainties from the political and medical establishments.

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Fauci and Biden are Pathological Liars, by Paul Craig Roberts

The headline may not come as news to you. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

Both are alleging without providing a speck of evidence that 97% of Covid cases/hospitalizations/deaths are the unvaccinated. This is a total lie.

Information from every country shows that it is the vaccinated who are suffering injuries and deaths.

The “Omicron variant” is being used to create a new wave of public fear and government control over civil liberties and citizens’ bodies–essentially rape with a needle–despite the known fact that the variant is rarely harmful. Hospitals are falsely reported to be full of Omicron patients. The presstitute media stresses that the more or less harmless variant is highly contagious, and are creating fear out of the ease of catching it. People are urged to protect themselves by taking the jab even though it is a known fact that the Omicron variant is immune to the “vaccine.”

Acquaint yourself with the facts:

In Scotland for August to November 2021 over 85% of deaths were in the vaccinated. Boosters are merely boosting COVID infections. Some 40,000 deaths have occurred in the USA, UK and EU following vaccination but Omicron is mild. The UK Government has manipulated the data to blame the unvaccinated but the vaccinated are at greatest risk.

It was clear from the first cases in South Africa and now in the UK and EU that the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus results in mild disease and very few deaths [not from Covid but] “with COVID”. Indeed South African experts have advised stopping stop-and -trace and quarantining because most of the infected have no symptoms.

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Asymptomatically Spreading . . . by Eric Peters

Vaccinated people who nevertheless get infected can spread Covid because their vaccine masks their symptoms and they don’t know they’re infected. Which blows the case for vaccine passports out of the water. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You will no doubt recall that business about forcing everyone to wear “masks” – no matter the type or the effectiveness . . . so long as it was a “mask”  . . . on the basis of the assertion that anyone might be infected and not know it and thereby, inadvertently spread it.

Notwithstanding that the “masks” worn by most people could not prevent it.  Dust “masks” – and old bandanas – being unable to do that.

This assertion of asymptomatic spread never had any scientific support. It was simply asserted. Used – to blame-shift the healthy for the afflictions of the sick and to create the visual impression of universal sickness and universal dread of sickness, by forcing everyone to “mask up.”

It was an obedience (and degradation) ritual, nothing scientific about it – excepting for the psychological aspect of it.

Voila – instant mass hysteria.

The wheel turns and now we have the fact of “asymptomatic” spread . . . via the Jabbed. Who are infected – and infectious – but don’t feel sick because the Jab they took suppresses the symptoms of infection.

Re-read that, carefully and let the implications settle in.

Unlike vaccines – as traditionally defined (until redefined by political scientists at the CDC) the drugs being injected into people’s bodies do not immunize the person who takes them. What they do – among other things – is reduce the severity of the signs that manifest if the person is infected.

To put it crystal clearly – the “vaccinated” person can still be infected. Can be infectious. He is not, therefore, vaccinated in the sense previously understood. He not only can get sick he can spread it.


There is abundant scientific/real-world experience proving this assertion. We have the “cases” of Israel and United Kingdom, where two-thirds or more of the populace has been Jabbed and yet sickness waxes  – among the “vaccinated.” In other words, they are both getting and giving sickness among themselves and – probably – much more likely to give and to get because of the false sense of immunity they’ve been encouraged to believe in.

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