“We are here to guide public opinion, not to discuss it.” By Simon Black

When politicians expresses their concern for the public, that’s invariably cover for plans to control the public. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

In the year 1804, only a few months before he proclaimed himself Emperor of France, 35-year old Napoleon Bonaparte stood before the State Council to discuss war with Great Britain.

By then Napoleon had already become the most powerful person in France; he had led the Coup d’etat against the previous government in 1799, rigged the approval of the new French Constitution, and fixed his own election to become ‘First Consul’.

And as First Consul of France, Napoleon was essentially a dictator… and one who lusted for conflict.

Napoleon had actually threatened to invade Britain when he first came to power in 1799; plus he had spent the last several years deliberately provoking the British by diminishing their influence on the European continent.

Britain finally took the bait and declared war on France in 1803 as a way to preemptively safeguard their own security; they weren’t willing to sit by and wait for Napoleon to invade.

Napoleon was ready. But he was smart enough to know that he couldn’t do it alone– he would need support. And that meant having the people on his side.

Napoleon had famously little regard for politicians, bureaucrats, clergy, and merchants. But he understood very well that it was the peasants who had risen up against the monarchy in 1789, plunging France into a decade of chaos and revolution.

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