Something Creepy This Way Comes? By Eric Peters

Once upon a time private automobiles were a haven if you got in one by yourself. It was just you, the open road, and the scenery. Now its you, the open road, the scenery, and an every-increasing line-up of government and car company approved gadgets to make sure you’re not driving incorrectly. In fact, cars are mirroring America’s descent into an Orwellian hell-hole. From Eric Peters at

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I’m not sure what to make of this. Have a look – and tell me what you make of it.

As I was monologuing about the problem – for luxury car brands – of electronics getting less and less expensive and so more and more common and for that reason there is less and less difference between a luxury car and a common car, except for the price – I noticed that the eye of my video rig was picking up something my eyes weren’t seeing.

See for yourself:

I suspect the car – a brand-new Mercedes S-Class sedan – was “seeing” me. Or rather, watching my eyes. Scanning them for signs of “distraction,” so as to keep me “safe.”

It was the first time I’d seen this. The invisible eyes of the S-Class were only apparent through the eyes of another machine.

Many new cars have such systems, often styled Drowsy Driver Alert or some similar thing. Subaru, for instance, calls their system EyeSight. Computer eyes monitor your eye movements for evidence of distraction or fatigue, according to some programmed-in metric. If the computer decides you aren’t focused on the road, it triggers a cup of coffee icon that you can see – lit up in the dash – along with a “suggestion” you rest rather than drive.

It sounds benign – but it could be something not.

This is the “technology” – that word begins to set off alarms – which will be used to Off Switch your car, per my recent article about that and per the Biden Thing’s “Infrastructure” bill, which intends to rebuild society per the Biden Thing’s visions of a “diverse” and “equitable” society, rather than build roads.

One of the ways that will be done is by putting the government’s hands on the wheel.

No, that’s not it, quite. The government already has its hands on the wheel, in the form of such “technology” – that word, again! – as Lane Keep Assist, which corrects your steering inputs when the car decides you’re not steering according to your programming (e.g., you have failed to obey the traffic laws, such as signaling when changing lanes, to the letter).

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