The Fragility of Freedom in the Free World, by Paul Craig Roberts

Who knew freedom could be destroyed by germs? Somebody did, and they’ve done gone and did it. From Paul Craig Roberts at

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2021 has been the year in which the fragility of freedom in the Free World was revealed.  Throughout the Western World executive branch officials devoid of law-making authority have issued “mandates” depriving entire populations of jobs, incomes, freedom of movement, freedom of association even with family, and freedom from medical coercion.  Even private employers have assumed the law-making role by requiring their work forces to accept injection with a dangerous “vaccine” that, according to the adverse vaccine reaction databases of the US, UK, and EU, have sickened and killed as many or more people than Covid itself.

The “vaccine” has proven to be ineffective in preventing infection with Covid, ineffective in preventing the spread of infection, but very effective in causing serious side effects, in damaging the innate immune system, thus making vaccinated people more susceptible to illnesses and diseases, and in making vaccinated people with Covid the main spreaders of the virus.

In order to rush the “vaccine” into emergency and untested approval, known cures for Covid were prevented from use, with the consequence that most who died from Covid did so from lack of treatment.

Despite the complete failure of the vaccine to protect against Covid and to control the spread of infection, everywhere in the Free Western World political leaders and medical establishments have declared the life-threatening vaccines to be “life-saving vaccines.” The only problem, claim officials, is that the vaccines  “are not being used adequately everywhere.”  The violation of the Nuremberg Laws by mandatory vaccination has been redefined as an “act of national solidarity.”  The German doctors tried for crimes against humanity after WW II did not know of this escape clause.

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