Global Collusion and Global Conspiracy Equal Global Tyranny, by Gary D. Barnett

Stop me if you’ve heard this: it’s never been about health and safety, it’s always been about control and power. From Gary D. Barnett at

The character of the open conspiracy [the movement towards a world collective] will now be plainly displayed. It will have become a great world movement as widespread and evident as socialism or communism. It will largely have taken the place of these movements. It will be more; it will be a world religion.

~ H. G. Wells

How can most every country on earth with vastly different geopolitical makeups; different cultures, different political structures, different people, different intellect and wealth, different governments, different geography, and different desires, all at once act as one? Does this seem even remotely possible? Whether or not it seems possible, it has happened and is still happening today. This has been the case since the fraudulent ‘Covid pandemic’ was invented out of thin air and foisted on the world.

This should once and for all alert any human with even the most infinitesimal ability to think clearly, that this world is controlled not by its people at large, but by the very ‘elite’ few at the top of the power pyramid. No other explanation can describe this phenomenon of tyrannical global unity, cooperation, nearly identical political behavior, monetary manipulation, and purposeful financial ruin that has taken place over just the past two years. This was not for good, but for evil, and it was ubiquitous in nature. A once diverse, unique, and in many cases, distinctly opposite world, almost instantly became one, something so bizarre as to leave any intelligent and sane individual to trust nothing and question everything. Those who ignored this fantastic and queer behavior by all countries at once, those who accepted the state narratives without question, and those who complied with idiotic and despotic draconian measures; have proven to be the cause of the end of freedom, and have voluntarily allowed the onset of global totalitarian rule.

After thousands of years of distinct individual history, this world became a singular entity of oppression and authoritarian rule almost overnight; a hell hole of domination over humanity, which caused a total loss of sovereignty of the individual. This of course has led to mass universal slavery, which is the desired outcome of the world’s ruling class referred to as globalists. To not have seen this coming is outrageous enough in and of itself, but continuing to hide from this reality is unforgivable. Those who do not fight back against this hideous conspiracy deserve no sympathy from those willing to risk all in order to be free, for inaction in the face of this reign of terror against humanity is unconscionable. While constructed division can be the enemy of liberty, there will have to be a break between us in the end, as those who are willing to fight to be free cannot afford to be destroyed by those willing to live in servitude.

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