Robert Gore on The Arterburn Radio Transmission

Tony Arterburn keeps expanding his exposure and reach on radio and podcasts. He’s a very good interviewer and has a great radio voice and presence. I think he’s destined for big things. His wife, Melissa, helps with the show and she’s invaluable. I’ve been on the show several times and December 17 I was on again. We talked about Covid, Omicron, Fauci, totalitarianism, the economy, Jim Cramer, 2021, 2022, and the general state of the world. Hit the link below for the transmission.

The Arterburn Radio Transmission with Tony Arterburn and Robert Gore

2 responses to “Robert Gore on The Arterburn Radio Transmission

  1. Those of us who are genuinely and “innocently” (objectively) interested in the “vax – no vax” issue, ought to keep the following FACT in mind.

    Should/when everyone becomes vaccinated this unprecedented program-mandate-experiment will no longer contain a “control group!”

    That inescapable fact should trouble even the most vocal of vaccination proponents…………..


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