COVID-19 Protocolists are Killing People. By-Demand NOW. You Must Act Now. By James Lyons-Weiler

Never underestimate the capacity of mindless bureaucrats to carry out self-evidently stupid and destructive protocols. Somebody follows all those orders in totalitarian regimes. From James Lyons-Weiler at

Once your loved one is admitted for COVID-19 to a hospital full of protocolists, monoclonal antibodies are no longer an option. No reason is given, it’s just protocol.

Once your loved one is admitted to a hospital full of protocolists for COVID-19, you cannot get the doctors to vary from the protocol with options other than those they are told they can use. Those options?

-O2 support



-Vitamin D&C

-Nasal cannula feeding tube

-Intubation (ventilator)

-Palliative care

-Comfort care

-Cremation, or relocation for embalming.

If your loved one does not want Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol_, or Ibuprofen (e.g., Motrin), but instead wants aspirin, it’s a no-go. Aspirin, by the way, helps break up microclots in the lungs. You’ll only get push-back on the risk of bleeding with long-term use.

COVID-19 is an acute condition. But hey, they have their protocols.

Forget about Ivermectin.

Forget about Hydroxychloroquine; the faked studies and Fauci tanked that option with bullshit logic.

Forget about N-Acetyl-Cysteine, which helps the body increase O2 saturation levels.

Forget about The COVID-19 Frontline Doctors protocols, I-MASK+, MATH+, and forget about Dr. Peter McCullough’s amazing dynamic and multi-faceted approach to treating COVID-19.

Forget about all of these unless you are in a conservative county and can get a conservative judge to back patient choice.

If you have time.

And you won’t.

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