The Question We’d Better Answer, by Eric Peters

Does it even matter how dangerous Omicron is? They’re going to manufacturer hysteria even if a Covid variant turns out to be as dangerous a cup of tea. From Eric Peters at

How then shall we live?

If the question sounds familiar, it’s because it has been asked before. Back in the ‘70s, by a Christian writer by the name of Francis Schaeffer. We – the Unjabbed – are obliged to ask it, again – and had better have an answer ready, given what may be coming.

The “Omicron” whatever-it-is (or isn’t) is already here. Expect it to get worse. Not necessarily the supposed sickness, which according to all the data is an even milder version of the original sickness that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of those who got it.

Rather, the engineered hysteria.

The public relations team employed by the pharmaceutical cartels – i.e., the “media” – is hard at work, again – practically shrieking about a soon-to-be-here death toll in the tens of thousands per week.

One of two things will follow from this, depending on which of two things it turns out to be.

It could – and hopefully, will – turn out to be another “case” of mass-marketed hysteria with nothing behind it but extremely hot air; a hurricane of – what’s the proper word? – misinformation. Of a piece with the original misinformation about the millions who were going to die, about the hospitals and morgues overflowing with the dead.

That was enough to scare people into Chin Speedo’d submission. To get them to accept being home-imprisoned, their livelihoods decreed “non-essential” and their peace of mind and personal relationships shattered.

Will it be enough, again?

If it turns out to be the same as last time – exaggerated on purpose and the exaggerations used to further evil purposes – this whole awful business could be concluded as soon as spring.

There might even be trials.

People – in the main – seem to have had enough of the New Abnormal. Are tired of Chin Speedos and the associated degradation/dehumanization rituals of what is being clearly seen by more and more of them as the trappings and rituals of a sick cult – led by sick creeps like the little doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

They have had enough – and are not likely to take any more.

What did The Chimp say, all those years ago? Fool me once . . . can’t get fooled again. Something like that.

Exactly so.

On the other hand, what if – this time – the bodies do stack up by the tens of thousands each week a few weeks from now – maybe just in time for Christmas?

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