If NATO Rebuffs Russian Security Proposals, Kremlin Will Deploy Advanced Weapons To Ukraine Border, by Tyler Durden

It is the height of idiocy not to take the Russians seriously on Ukraine. Their advanced weapons are deadly, effective, and difficult if not impossible to stop. Any war would be fought on its front door. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Russia is still awaiting a definitive response after last week it delivered a series of security proposals in the form of two separate draft documents submitted to Brussels and Washington. First floated by Putin amid the growing Ukraine standoff, they are intended to kickstart serious negotiations that would ensure the peaceful co-existence of Russia and NATO, central to which is Moscow’s demand of no more NATO eastward expansion.

An initial response was issued over the weekend on the occasion of German Defense minister Christine Lambrecht’s visit to Lithuania, where she vowed that Russia will not “dictate” NATO’s affairs. Lambrecht said, “We have to talk to each other, which means discussing the proposals that Russia has put forward, but it cannot be that Russia dictates to NATO partners how they position themselves.”

In fresh comments Russia’s deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko at the same time stressed the proposals are urgently aimed at averting a potential major military conflict with NATO as tensions are at a tipping point. Crucially deputy FM Grushko stressed that if Moscow gets rebuffed or ignored in these attempts to hammer out security guarantees, Russia will be forced to prepare “counter-threats” of its own.

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