Is COVID Now Becoming a Pandemic of the Vaccinated? By Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Omicron is spreading like wildfire . . . among the vaccinated. From Brian C. Joondeph, M.D. at

American corporate media love catchphrases that they all repeat in unison, across network and cable television and through social media. One recent example is “viral blizzard” referring to the omicron variant of COVID. A search of Google News for “viral blizzard” demonstrates how in the past several days, myriad media outlets used the term in scaremongering headlines.

Another similar phrase made the rounds this past summer, “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” attributed to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. At the time, it was believed that only the unvaccinated were transmitting, catching, and getting sick from COVID.

The same CDC Director Dr. Walensky two weeks later acknowledged, “vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.” This lead to the July 27 CDC recommendation, “that everyone wear a mask in indoor public settings in areas of substantial and high transmission, regardless of vaccination status.” So much for it being a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

This is the time when I must add this standard and necessary disclaimer that I am not anti-vaccine, having been personally vaccinated. Nor am I offering medical advice, only an analysis of this newsworthy issue with questions about ever-changing recommendations and certainties from the political and medical establishments.

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