How to Break Free of Fear Addiction, by Joseph Mercola

Just as with alcohol addiction, the addict must admit the addiction and want to do something about before he or she can be cured. From Joseph Mercola at

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Dr. Mark McDonald is a psychiatrist in the Los Angeles, California, area. He’s written a book called “United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to Mass Delusional Psychosis,” which is the topic of today’s discussion. Around April 2020, McDonald actually made the brave decision to “fire” patients who refused to accept his stand on certain realities and truths.

“LA is a very politically-charged climate,” he says. “A lot of my patients, particularly those who would not identify as either conservative or even sincerely independent, tend to react in a very emotionally-charged way when they work with somebody who does not share their value system, and then it becomes difficult to work with them. I can’t help them …

I noticed that there was something bigger than just politics at play with the whole rise of the pandemic. About 10 to 20% of my patients, they either left abruptly without saying anything … or they argued with me. Some of them actually attacked me personally and condemned me.

A few threatened to report me to the medical board for saying such ‘horrible’ things as children should be able to breathe without a mask on their face. What I concluded after seeing the fallout from this is that those who left, those who attacked me, they really are no longer people that I can help, because really good therapeutic work, at least the work that I do, starts from a position of truth and reality.

Now, I’m not claiming to have the monopoly on truth or reality, but I certainly value it so highly that I’m not willing to sacrifice it for someone else’s emotional comfort or well-being in the moment …

The ones that stayed and those who’ve taken their places have all been far, far more committed to the work and to getting better, to healing themselves emotionally and psychologically, than any of the people that left.

So, I am in no way regretful of that decision. I think it’s made me a better clinician, a better practitioner. And most importantly, it’s enabled me to continue to speak clearly, publicly and honestly about what I think is a much more important problem than just shots and masks, which is the state of our country and how we are being controlled and manipulated by corrupt individuals and corporations.”

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One response to “How to Break Free of Fear Addiction, by Joseph Mercola

  1. The Khazarian Mafia owned main stream media outlets sold the lie of this COVID scamdemic. They repeated it over and over 24/7. Same method Joseph Goebbels proclaimed back in the 1930’s. Repeat the lies over and over until people accept it as the truth. Wake up sheeples! FEAR>OBEY>CONTROL>POWER.

    MEDIA = Making Everyone Dumb In America.

    M=m3 Manipulation = Money x Media x Manpower

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