Biden’s Sanctions on Russia Will Cause Havoc in Western Markets, by David Stockman

It’s a better than even bet that the sanctions imposed on Russia will end up hurting the sanctioners more than the sanctionees. From David Stockman at

What a tangled web these war-loving fools spin. We are referring, of course, to Washington’s belated attempts to ease or remove sanctions against oil producers Venezuela and Iran. That’s so it can crank up the sanctions against the new villain of the month, Russia, without monkey-hammering American consumers with $7 gasoline prices.

Then again, why is Washington in the Spanker-in-Chief business in the first place?

Yes, the Venezuelan people foolishly elected a socialist government which proceeded (predictably) to wreck their economy. But why did Uncle Sam have to administer a spanking, especially since the strapping occurred during a Republican Administration that should know better than to indulge in the folly of nation-building? Yet that’s the whole purpose of sanctions – to force recalcitrant nations to reshape themselves according to Washington’s dictates.

Then again, who ever said the Donald was a Republican or rational for that matter? The sanctions on Venezuela that Sleepy Joe is fixing to lift where actually slapped on by the Donald in a bid to consolidate the Cuban/Latin emigre vote in Florida.

Still, couldn’t Washington have let well enough alone and wished the people of Venezuela better luck next time rather than viciously hobble what remained of their energy industry?

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