The Next “Crisis”, by Eric Peters

A real crisis comes when Russia refuses dollars for its oil. From Eric Peters at

Now that Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! has sidelined Ronamonomania, a new “crisis” is needed to deal with a real one. Rather than “rearing his head” – per Sarah Palin – Putin may do something a lot more damaging to the people who gave us Ronamonomania and who are desperately trying to get us to forget it, via Putin Bad! Ukraine Good!


Putin could decide to offer up Russian oil – of which there is a lot – for maybe a few bucks more than the $10 or so per barrel it costs to extract. With payment accepted in anything except American dollars.

If you think we’re in a “crisis” now, just wait.

This may be precisely why one of the American political psychopaths who gave us Ronamonomania – Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley – urges a “climate crisis” be declared and that the world “transition” to “renewable energy.” (The video is available on Breitbart; see here.)

He means expensive energy – under the control of political and corporate psychopaths such as himself. “Green” – he means red – energy. Rationed energy. No power for you. Of course plenty for him.

The latter being another way to elaborate the World Economic Forum’s slogan about us owning nothing – with WEF’ers owning everything – and us not happy about it.

Speaking of which…

Who are these WEF people? Did anyone elect them to anything? Or did money – the dangling thereof, by Klaus Schwab, who invented the WEF and styled it in such a way as to give people the impression it’s some sort of elected group of “global leaders” (as opposed to plutocrat-vultures) select them, by the dangling thereof? Knowing that those who rose to the bait were precisely the sorts of grifters on-the-make that would be useful to an uber psychopath such as himself?

Back to the crisis . . . the real one.

It’s not Russian troops marching into a former Russian province. It is the leader of Russia selling oil cheaply and for gold or some other currency that has value, unlike the American “dollar” – the pieces of paper that are almost not worth the paper they’re printed on.

Americans are forced to use these pieces of paper to buy whatever oil the hair-plugged febe who fronts the U.S. government permits them to buy – assuming they can afford to buy it. But the rest of the world – or large parts of it – is not so constrained. And there’s nothing – shy of letting the nukes fly – that the old hair-plugged febe who fronts for the U.S. government (which has become another front of the WEF) can do about it, in that event.

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