Diaper Report 3/16/22, by Eric Peters

The Covid commissars are deathly afraid the deadly truth about the deadly vaccines is coming out. They’d better be afraid of the legal consequences we’re all hoping they face. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

This is a report all of us may be making soon.

I will preface it by reporting that I know no one who died from the “virus” – whatever it is. Whether it was gain-of-Fauci’d in (say it like the Orange Fail) China or just another flu, maybe a little worse, definitely exaggerated – a lot.

Several people I know – including myself – did catch a cold, finally, toward the end of the “pandemic” (which ended in the manner of a light switch being flicked from On to Off about two weeks ago – right around the time a court ordered the release of pharma documents we weren’t supposed to see for another 75 years).

The sniffles – not the slumber room. Enough to make me grumpy – but not even enough to make me stay in bed, much less “overwhelm” a hospital.

Then there is the 23-year-old daughter of a friend of mine.

I just received the report from him, yesterday, that she is in the hospital – on account of the serious heart problems she just happened to develop shortly after you-know-what.

Those “safe” and “effective” injections which are so effective that the CEO of Pfizer is now saying a fourth one in less than twelve months is needed; so “safe” that 23-year-olds who were what 23-year-olds tend to be (healthy) before they were injected are becoming very sick very regularly. Myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart and its lining) have become childhood diseases – over a matter of months. The same months during which healthy young people were being “vaccinated” en masse for a sickness they were already immune from – by dint of their youth and health.

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