Politicians of the World Unite! By Jeffrey A. Tucker

Trusting politicians should be a “show me” proposition, never automatic. Given their general disrepute, they should have to work three or four times as hard as anybody else to gain trust. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at browstone.org:

Vladimir Putin has given an address to the Russian nation that urged his country to be patient with the current pain. He said he is working to restructure economic life to deal with the ongoing disaster in employment, goods access, productivity, technology, and inflation. It’s transitory, he explained, a result of the war sanctions, and all the fault of the West.

He has this totally under control, he says. Just trust the government.

Many people do. People in cities are skeptical but he remains widely popular in rural areas. Meanwhile the government works to silence dissent, punish those who protest, and control the media.

This story sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it?

Biden’s White House daily urges this country to be patient with the current pain. They are working on ways to address the ongoing mess with inflation, declining financials, goods shortages, supply-chain woes, mail that barely functions, and a medical system that is throttled, distorted, and wildly expensive. It’s all the fault of Putin for invading Ukraine, thus necessitating severe economic sanctions and driving up the cost of everything.

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