The New Game, by TL Davis

The game is: those in power can get away with everything. From TL Davis at

A Lawless Game

The game is pretty far along. Everything that’s been warned would happen over several years, as far back as 2008, is starting to happen in the open. All of it was probably planned for the Hillary Clinton presidency and the only delay was Donald Trump. That’s why they were so desperate to prevent his election and worked so hard to get rid of him when they failed. It’s also why they couldn’t wait another four years to implement the plan.

The United States has been under a constitutional crisis for six years and not one Republican senator and only a few House Republicans have said a single word about it. Hunter’s laptop spells it all out and the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and State Department knew all about the contents of the laptop since 2019 and hid it. Knowing the guilt of Joe Biden and the Biden crime family, the guilt of Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Susan Rice, a trove of career FBI agents, what one might call deeply embedded communist agents, Directors and Assistant Directors, even the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there was not one agent or executive with the integrity to expose it. None of them felt a substantial tie to the United States as founded and actively worked against the principles upon which it was supposed to operate. That’s called treason where fewer in the establishment are guilty of it.

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