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The New Game, by TL Davis

The game is: those in power can get away with everything. From TL Davis at tldavis.substack.com:

A Lawless Game

The game is pretty far along. Everything that’s been warned would happen over several years, as far back as 2008, is starting to happen in the open. All of it was probably planned for the Hillary Clinton presidency and the only delay was Donald Trump. That’s why they were so desperate to prevent his election and worked so hard to get rid of him when they failed. It’s also why they couldn’t wait another four years to implement the plan.

The United States has been under a constitutional crisis for six years and not one Republican senator and only a few House Republicans have said a single word about it. Hunter’s laptop spells it all out and the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and State Department knew all about the contents of the laptop since 2019 and hid it. Knowing the guilt of Joe Biden and the Biden crime family, the guilt of Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Susan Rice, a trove of career FBI agents, what one might call deeply embedded communist agents, Directors and Assistant Directors, even the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there was not one agent or executive with the integrity to expose it. None of them felt a substantial tie to the United States as founded and actively worked against the principles upon which it was supposed to operate. That’s called treason where fewer in the establishment are guilty of it.

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Why the Russiagate Scandal Outranks the Rest, by J. Peder Zane

It can be argued that the Kennedy assassination was worse than the attempt to depose Trump, but apparently J. Peder Zane doesn’t consider the former a scandal, certainly an arguable conclusion. From Zane at realclearpolitics.com:

Why the Russiagate Scandal Outranks the Rest

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Russiagate is the biggest scandal in American history.

Nothing comes close in size, scope or harm to the republic than the years-long effort to cripple Donald Trump’s presidency by claiming he conspired with an enemy state to steal the 2016 election and then do its bidding as commander-in-chief.

Why the Russiagate Scandal Outranks the Rest

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Russiagate is the biggest scandal in American history.

Nothing comes close in size, scope or harm to the republic than the years-long effort to cripple Donald Trump’s presidency by claiming he conspired with an enemy state to steal the 2016 election and then do its bidding as commander-in-chief.

Its notorious predecessors – L’Affaire Lewinsky, Iran-Contra, Watergate, Teapot Dome, Crédit Mobilier, the XYZ Affair – involved relatively small numbers of malefactors engaged in specific acts of illegality and corruption (we still don’t know who, if anyone, planned the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol)

Russiagate, by contrast, is a vast conspiracy involving innumerable powerful forces, including the Democratic Party, NeverTrump Republicans, the Obama administration, the FBI, Department of Justice and the nation’s most prestigious news outlets.

Where previous scandals often ended with public accountability for the perpetrators – Watergate saw the imprisonment of top White House aides and President Nixon’s resignation – and public reforms, Russiagate has produced no such reckoning.

Russiagate began with a kernel of truth: Someone – probably Russians, though we still don’t know for sure – hacked the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s private server. Fearful of what might be released, the Clinton campaign tried to discredit any damaging material by raising dark questions about its source. (Joe Biden executed this same strategy to great effect when he falsely described the evidence of corruption found on his son Hunter’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.”)

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Disband the FBI, by Chris Farrell

The FBI is on its way to becoming the Democratic Party’s Gestapo. From Chris Farrell at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • In the past few days alone, we have learned that the October 2020 Michigan governor kidnap plot was largely a creation of the FBI; a “senior FBI official” was on the take from media organizations; and another assistant director was in a “romantic relationship with a subordinate” and involved in “other misconduct.” The leadership failures documented by the Office of the Inspector General are now almost standard and part of a tiresome media drip-torture for the public to endure.
  • The FBI ran a coup against President Trump. It failed. The following got away: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka, Brower, Baker, et al. Any real consequences for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States? No.
  • Questions are now being raised as to whether the FBI had a role in the Capitol Hill protests of January 6, 2021. When one examines the FBI’s involvement in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses; standing by idly while in possession of Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and Burisma-laden laptops, while President Trump endured a second phony impeachment; and the frame-up of Trump’s National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn – it is not too difficult to imagine.
  • The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service and open applications for law enforcement officer seeking to be rigorously screened, vetted and then accessed into the new organization. Similar action was taken before in the very creation of the FBI. It is now time to clean house and restore the public’s trust in the “premier investigative agency” of federal law enforcement.

(Photo by Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues its downward spiral into terminal corruption. Sadly, the scandals, criminality and ethical abuses of the organization are largely ignored by the American public and by the institutions of government charged with oversight and correction. Outrage after outrage is reported, hearings are held, Inspector General reports are issued — but the systemic corruption is never really tackled and dirty cops skate away virtually unscathed.

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Whistleblower Confirms “Secret Society” Meetings Between FBI And DOJ To Undermine Trump, by Tyler Durden

Here is another potential bombshell in brewing scandals at the FBI and DOJ. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com (see original article for Fox News video):

A whistleblower has revealed to Congress that clandestine, offsite meetings between high ranking FBI and DOJ took place in which officials discussed ways to undermine President Trump after the 2016 election, Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Fox News on Tuesday.

The bombshell revelation all but confirms a “secret society” alluded to in text messages released last Friday between two anti-Trump FBI employees tasked with investigating both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The secret society — we have an informant talking about a group holding secret meetings off-site,” Johnson said.

“We have to continue to dig into it,” he added. “This is not a distraction. This is biased, potentially corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.” –The Hill

In stunning admission, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reveals an informant is briefing Congress on “offsite” meetings by “Secret society” mentioned in Strzok-Page texts.

On Monday night, Reps. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Fox News of the “secret society” texts between FBI investigators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – contained within a 384-page batch of text messages delivered to Congress from the DOJ last Friday. Of note Ratcliffe says that Strzok and Page were included in the clandestine anti-Trump cabal at the highest levels of the American intelligence community.

.@RepRatcliffe on 5-month gap discovered in new FBI texts: “For former prosecutors like @TGowdySC & myself…it makes it harder & harder for us to explain away one strange coincidence after another.” http://fxn.ws/2Bnox96 

What we learned today in the thousands of text messages that weve reviewed that perhaps they may not have done that (checked their bias at the door). There’s certainly a factual basis to question whether or not they acted on that bias. We know about this insurance policy that was referenced in trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

We learned today from information that in the immediate aftermath of his election that there may have been a secret society of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI to include Page and Strzok to be working against him.

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You Can Call Them Scandals Now, by Robert Gore

The pathetic attempts to undo Donald Trump’s victory are signs of desperation, not strength, in the Deep State.

SLL, “Desperation,” 12/21/16

The Deep State’s worst nightmare was never that Donald Trump would improve relations with Russia. What keeps it awake, shaking and screaming in the darkness, is the prospect of exposure and prosecution for decades of criminality. For the first time since John F. Kennedy, the Deep State is being challenged. An inflection point may have been reached. If so, legal developments will take on a life of their own, ultimately beyond the control of congressional committees, Sessions, Trump, or anyone else.

Trump has expressed skepticism about US military interventions, NATO’s usefulness and funding, and the US’s hostile posture towards Russia. However, he says and tweets a lot of things, most of which are best ignored.

Instead, look at what he’s done, which should never be ignored. He has:

1. Significantly increased the already bloated military and intelligence budgets

2. Increased troop levels in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq

3. Increased US special forces operations around the world, especially in Africa

4. Given US military field commanders more latitude to conduct operations

5. Encouraged NATO forces to increase strength and display force around Russia’s western perimeter

6. Sent arms to Ukraine’s corrupt government so it can better harass eastern Ukrainian separatists, who are supported by Russia

7. Strengthened US ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia, supporting the latter’s vicious war in Yemen

8. Threatened to abrogate the Iranian nuclear agreement

9. Threatened preemptive war in North Korea

10. Brokered billions of dollars worth of US arms sales

Trump ticks virtually every item on the Deep State wish list. Although scores of commentators say otherwise, the few and minor policy differences between them do not explain the Deep State’s fear and loathing of the president.

Imagine you’re a long time, paid up member of the Deep State. You’ve got a gold-plated résumé, an extensive network of useful contacts in both government and the private sector, and money in the bank. You also know a lot of secrets. Your knowledge of those secrets makes you complicit in a fair amount of criminality. But you consider them your protection, because everyone in your world is complicit in something. You go down and they go down too. And you can’t imagine everyone going down.

Then Trump—an outsider—runs for president on his own dime and captures the Republican nomination. An alarm goes off. The Deep State, the Democrats, never Trump Republicans, and the media do everything they can to get something on Trump, but all they came up with is grabbing pussy. Trump’s apparently clean and not beholden to anyone. As a successful and sophisticated businessman, he’s undoubtedly aware of systemic rot and corruption in Washington. What if he wins and starts turning over the rocks? That’s a remote but real danger. Who cares about his policies? Something has to be done.

And so Russiagate was born.

It was predictable that a probe based on nothing would at best go nowhere and at worst backfire spectacularly (see SLL, “Plot Holes,” 2/26/17). It’s backfired. There are ongoing congressional committee, FBI, IRS, and Department of Justice investigations of Uranium One, the Trump Dossier and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the FBI’s investigation of those emails. An indictment against Mark Lambert has been returned in Uranium One.

A “bombshell” Republican-authored report is circulating in the House of Representatives that has members and government officials openly speculating on the removal of senior FBI and Department of Justice personal, and possible prosecution. House Republicans are agitating for the report’s public release, and after jumping through various procedural hoops, they’ll probably get it.

The rolling snowball got more momentum recently as the FBI revealed that five months of emails between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page had been “inadvertently” destroyed. Whoever destroyed the emails will probably cause the FBI, Strzok, and Page more trouble than the actual evidence would have. The presumption is that destroyed evidence is construed in the most unfavorable light to the party or parties responsible for its destruction. This means the trier of fact (jury or judge) is generally free to assume the worst. The destruction of evidence itself can be a crime if it is intentional, reckless, or negligent.

It’s official: you can call them scandals now.

Since the day Trump took office there has been internet speculation and predictions of imminent, Gordian Knot-types of legal strokes: mass indictments that will drain the swamp and vanquish the Deep State once and for all. Such “revelations” reveal only their authors’ ignorance of the law and legal process. In real life, competent and thorough investigations are grinding, meticulous, and mostly secret, only occasionally leading to headline worthy disclosures and developments. You’re watching paint dry, not a Hollywood legal thriller. Even if the House report lives up to its bombshell billing, it won’t speed up the legal process.

You can be sure that potential defendants are already making quiet inquiries and arrangements, lawyering up. Top criminal attorneys are probably raising their rates, anticipating a flood of new business. They’re paid to delay, obstruct, and stymie. The highest profile potential defendants—Comey, the Clintons—can afford them and they’re not going quietly or quickly into that good night. Constitutional safeguards and the legal system’s procedural maze will be facts of life.

However, not even the best attorneys can counter the hard-wired desire to save one’s own skin. Once the investigations are really rolling, it’s every man and woman for himself or herself. (Will Bill Clinton turn state’s evidence against Hillary? Will she turn state’s evidence against him?) That’s when things could get explosively unpredictable. The prospect of jail time concentrates the mind and prompts a reconsideration of past friendships and alliances. When prosecuting authorities dangle reduced charges and suspended sentences in exchange for ratting out, ratting out becomes the order of the day.

Washington is a vast trove of illicit secrets. Good investigations unearth secrets. It may be a pipe dream, but present investigations, taking on uncontrollable lives of their own, could start unraveling the secrecy that has protected the government, its string pullers and their cronies, and the complicit mainstream media for too long.

This sick nation has no hope of healing until hidden truths—stretching back to at least World War II—are revealed. It’s a remote possibility, but never say never. In a perfect world, the guilty would be punished and restitution made to their victims. That prospect, unfortunately, doesn’t even qualify as a pipe dream.

Deep cynicism is warranted when it comes to the Deep State and the US government. However, those of us who want to see criminality exposed and prosecuted can do more than just watch the scandals unfold with our fingers crossed.

WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch have been at the forefront of private efforts to shine the light. WikiLeaks’ role is well-known. Judicial Watch has toiled in comparative obscurity, but its work has been just as important. It has issued a barrage of Freedom of Information Act requests to various federal agencies. Refusing to take no for an answer, it goes to court every time those requests are delayed or stonewalled. It usually wins. The documents it’s uncovered have led to progress in a number of these matters scandals.

If you have the money and want to fight the good fight, consider donating to WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch. Every little bit helps. The links:



Judicial Watch:


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The Low-Trust State, by The Zman

Trust in the government is vanishing, undoubtedly because the government lies so much. (“If you like your medical plan, you can keep your medical plan.”) From The Zman on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

Social trust is one of those things that we know is important to economic growth, sound government and social stability. When the people of a society generally trust one another and wish to be trusted by others, their society prospers. The question that always arises is over causality. Some would argue that altruism is a biological trait that scales up to social trust. Others would argue that good government and the rule of law encourages positive economic growth, which in turn increases social trust. It is one of those topics that keeps academics busy.

The distinguishing characteristic of low-trust societies is a near total lack of trust in the state by the people. Russians, during the old Soviet Union, understood that everything that was said by the state was a lie of some sort. In fact, the only thing they could trust from the Bolsheviks was that whatever they said was untrue. This amplified the natural distrust of Russians as they did not have an authority to which they could appeal in order to arbitrate disputes. Contracts have to be enforceable before anyone will enter into them.

The point here is that you can debate the causality of social trust, but a society with a corrupt and untrustworthy state is going to be a low-trust society. Alternatively, to use the language of the pseudo-sciences, social trust correlates with public corruption. The causal arrows may point one way or both ways, but public corruption is a good proxy for social trust. There are measures of public corruption and the most popular is from these guys, who publish downloadable statistics every year for the pseudo-sciences.

Trust in the state is always going to drift over time, but you can spot some trends. Just take a look at the US over the last few decades. In the 1980’s, the savings and loan crisis put a lot of people in prison. Even some politicians got dinged for getting too cozy with the crooked bankers. A decade later we had the dot-com bubble and the accounting scandals, but no one went to jail. They just lost money. Less than a decade later we had the mortgage crisis and the crooks got bailed out by the government with taxpayer funds. This is a trend worth noticing.

Now, look around at what we are seeing today. The Clinton e-mail scandal is so outlandish, it is now threatening the rule of law. In the 70’s, Nixon was run from office from 18 missing minutes of tape. Clinton erased 17,000 emails, some may have been under subpoena. It is blazingly obvious that she and her cronies violated Federal law by mishandling classified information. The most logical explanation for all of this is they were selling it for cash through that ridiculous charity they run. A charity that has systematically violated the law with regards to accounting for donations.

How is it possible that this woman and her flunkies are not in jumpsuits waddling around Danbury FCI?

The first problem is the head of state appears to be a pathological liar. This Iran story is the sort of thing that used to bring down governments. It was certainly the sort of thing that should have administration officials hiring lawyers in preparation for the FBI visit. That would require an FBI that is not equally corrupt. Of course, the FBI is a product of the political class and ours is proving to be astonishingly corrupt. Today we learn that the politicians are conspiring to rig public hearings, which are the bedrock of popular government.

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