The Defense Industry’s Ukraine Pundits, by Aditi Ramaswami and Andrew Perez

Mainstream media often demands full disclosure, but often fails to disclose the ties many of its newscasters and commentators have to the defense industry. It’s not a stretch to suggest those ties might skew their outlook on the U.S.’s various military engagements. From Aditi Ramaswami and Andrew Perez at


“I think we need to understand that there is only one thing that Putin understands, and that’s force,” said Panetta on Newsroom.

The former CIA director added: “I think the United States has to provide whatever weapons are necessary to the Ukrainians, so that they can hit back, and hit back now.”

At no time did Panetta nor CNN mention that he’s a senior counselor at Beacon Global Strategies, a defense industry consulting firm that has reportedly represented weapons manufacturer Raytheon. The firm doesn’t disclose its clients, but Raytheon and the defense industry generally stand to benefit from the conflict in Ukraine.

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