How China Locks Down Over 1 Billion People, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

It turn out it’s not that hard to lock down a billion people. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at

china zero covid policy

Story at-a-glance

  • The official policy in China is aimed at zero COVID cases in the country. They have locked down over 1 billion people to stop the spread of a virus from a family of cold viruses known to have an animal reservoir
  • This means to achieve zero COVID China must kill every living animal, close all borders to people moving into or out of the country and change crews for all imports and exports on planes, trains and trucks to completely isolate the people
  • The goal is likely not zero COVID since one government adviser told a reporter, “eventually everyone will have to live with the virus.” In the meantime, people are starving in their homes, their pets are beaten to death, food is being thrown away and adults and children are being force vaccinated in their homes and on the street

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