The Body Snatchers: The NWO’s Eugenics Agenda, by Dr. Igor Shepherd

Eugenics is at the heart of the New World Order. The fit will eliminate the unfit. From Dr. Igor Shepherd at

The body snatchers are here, and they are coming for you, me, and the rest of society—all under the guise that eugenics is necessary to contain scary viruses, end climate change, and protect the planet from pollution caused by overpopulation. We are entering a new world order where euthanasia, mandatory birth control, genetic screenings, genetic engineering, marriage restrictions, racial and mental health segregation, and abortions will be the new normal.

Eugenics is derived from ancient Greek and means “good genes,” which involves the practice of planned breeding in order to bring about better genetic traits for future populations. But to make a better race always involves elimination of those who do not have “good” genes.

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