About that coming “food crisis”, by Simon Black

Maybe we’re not all going to starve to death. There is still a lot of food in the world. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

On Wednesday July 3rd in the year 1315, King Louis X of France– also know as “Louis the Headstrong”– issued a groundbreaking edict.

“Whereas, according to natural right, everyone should be born free. . .” he began. “Many persons amongst our common people have fallen into the bonds of slavery, which much displeaseth us.”

“Our Kingdom is called and named the Kingdom of the Franks [which means ‘free’ in old French]. . . therefore I do decree that such serfdom be redeemed to freedom.”

And like that, with the stroke of a quill, Louis X abolished slavery and serfdom in France.

Unfortunately for the serfs, the King’s emancipation didn’t last very long; Louis died less than a year later following a particularly grueling tennis match (true story), and his successors weren’t so liberal.

More than four centuries later, in fact, in the mid 1700s, there were still more than 1 million feudal serfs in France, according to historian Hippolyte Taine. And their plight was even worse than their medieval ancestors.

An 18th century serf in France was subject to feudal dues of at least 14% to his local nobleman.

Plus there were a host of other absurd regulations; a French serf was tied to the land and unable to leave without his lord’s consent. They were required to provide several weeks of free labor to the government. And any serf who died without children had all of his possessions forfeited to the nobility.

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3 responses to “About that coming “food crisis”, by Simon Black

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  2. Another aspect of feudalism was ascribed status. You were effectively imprisoned by your status assigned at birth. You couldn’t walk away or work your way out of the situation.

    Now we’re having ascribed status returning. You are socially ranked according to colour and gender identity (providing the gender you identify with is not the same as your sex). But the pretext is irrelevant. The issue is your status is ascribed, decided by someone else and applied to you without any option to reject or avoid. Ascribed status means you can’t earn status.

    When you can’t earn status you are in a social trap which someone else has engineered and controls. Back to serfdom.


  3. That dude has clearly never grown anything in his entire life. 2 weeks to harvest cilantro and lettuce from the Dixie cup in your window sill?! Give me a break! It takes two weeks in perfect conditions for those ‘easy’ crops to even germinate. Another month until they are ready for harvesting and if you want to save seed for your next ‘free’ meal, another month for that.


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