Our Rulers Have Lost Their Minds, by Jeffrey Tucker

A possibility that can’t be dismissed is that our rulers haven’t lost their minds at all, that they are deliberately destroying the U.S. and the world. From Jeffrey Tucker at dailyreckoning.com:

Have a look at the shock on people’s faces as they leave the grocery stores these days, or the look as they stand filling up their tanks at the gas station. Their jaws drop and they wonder what is happening to the world.

The answer is the policy disasters of the last two years. The bill is coming due and everyone but the masters of the universe is paying it. The value of the dollar is sinking rapidly, more rapidly than in our lifetimes.

Nor is it coming back.

The people who hold power today seem completely clueless about why this is happening. Actually, that’s a charitable interpretation. They might just think it is great.

High gas prices are pushing a shift to electric cars, presumably to manage global climate (I’m a serious doubter that anything like that is possible by policy). Or maybe there is an impulse here just to redistribute wealth and disorient people to create new levels of dependency.

Whatever the reason, I’m seeing absolutely no signs that anyone at the top has any intention to put a stop to this.

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One response to “Our Rulers Have Lost Their Minds, by Jeffrey Tucker

  1. When they damage us, they are better off. They just pretend to be stupid.


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