Republican Negotiator For Red Flag Laws Booed By Texas Crowd At GOP Convention, by Tyler Durden

There’s been too many feckless Republican compromises on gun rights. No more, and roll back the present abominations. From Tyler Durden at

Republican Senator John Cornyn did not get a warm reception at a recent Texas GOP convention, highlighting mass conservative resistance to new gun control legislation.  Cornyn, to his credit, did not flee from the stage, but he did not address the main reason for the anger in the crowd; his participation in a bipartisan senate working group that seeks to undermine the 2nd Amendment with the ultimate concession of Red Flag laws handed to anti-gun Democrats.

Just as the mainstream media has done, the ten Republicans involved in the legislative effort have been very careful to avoid any thorough examination of what Red Flag laws really entail.  Essentially, they are engaged in lying by omission by keeping the details under wraps and misleading the public with claims that they merely want to take guns “out of the hands of mentally unstable people.”

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