The Canary Just Chirped, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters’ specialty as a car blogger gives him an excellent perspective on a whole host of wider issues. From Peters at

Well, the canary in the coal mine just chirped.

Arnaud Deboeuf – who is Chief Manufacturing Officer at Stellantis, the automotive combine that owns the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram truck brands, among others – said publicly the other day that the automotive industry is doomed if it continues to pretend it can sell electric vehicles at the prices electric vehicles are currently selling for.

“The market will collapse,” he said.

No doubt. For the obvious-but-adamantly-unacknowledged reason that only a small percentage of the car market buyer pool is affluent enough to pay at least 30-50 percent more for their next new car – which is the price differential between electric cars and their non-electric equivalents.

The disparity being greatest in the economy and family car segments – the segments that account for the bulk of new vehicle purchases.

The actual disparity is even more than that, courtesy of the Biden Thing – who has caused the purchasing power of the money people have to use to buy everything to decline by 15 percent in just one year. This means that a Nissan Leaf that cost about $28k last year (for the version that can maybe get you 150 miles down the road) now costs 15 percent more than it did,  courtesy of the Thing.

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