EVs and “Vaccines”, by Eric Peters

The themes of the propaganda are the same, and so too is the cultish response. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Electric cars and “vaccines” are similar in that both have delusional defenders – believers who are immune to reason, hostile toward damning facts – who cling to their beliefs with a devotion that is cultic.

It does not matter, for instance, that the “vaccines” – as they are styled – do not do the one thing that has heretofore always been the thing that has defined a vaccine, which is to provoke an immune response in the persons who take them.

It does not matter to people who defend EVs that they are – objectively, factually – not “clean,” if by that term one means their manufacture and use results in the emanation into the environment of less of the stuff that is asserted by some to be responsible for imminent, catastrophic (their word) “climate change.”

Notice the similarities here, too.

The same asserted catastrophism. The same exaggeration and misrepresentation of the supposed problem – so as to justify the “cure” for it.

People were hectored abusively about a “virus” that turned out to be orders of magnitude less of a threat than they were told – with onerous certainty – it was. The threat was exaggerated relentlessly – by hourly reporting of “case” counts, which those reporting them knew were not indicative of the actual threat.

Of a piece is the reporting of the “climate catastrophe” – which millions now believe is real, just as millions were led to believe there was a “pandemic.”

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