I know what you did last summer (and fall), by Alex Berenson

Let’s never forget the people who tried, and in many instances succeeded, in makeing us miserable and what they did. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

You tried to take away my rights and segregate me. And no, you don’t get to pretend you didn’t.

We’ve all blocked the malign forces that started to swirl around this time last year, haven’t we? The jabbed and the purebloods too, we’ve all just decided to pretend it never happened.

Let me remind you.

Because it’s important that we never forget.

(A since-deleted tweet from Matthew Yglesias, founder of Vox, Bloomberg columnist, firm believer in the current thing):

July 2021 offered the first proof the mRNA Covid vaccines were failing – far more quickly than the public health authorities had expected. Israel, the first country to mass vaccinate, went from 10 Covid infections a day in early June to over 2,000 by late July. Deaths followed.

This failure came at a bad time for the Biden Administration and public health bureaucrats. They’d counted on the vaccines to show us yet again that they were our betters – that they could end Covid and lead us all into a glorious sickness- and carbon-free future. (Aside from the private jets, natch? All animals are equal…)

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One response to “I know what you did last summer (and fall), by Alex Berenson

  1. can someone hold him down while i carve NO JAB on him? after all, he so willy nilly dismisses my right of control over my body and we all know one good turn deserves another.


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