Anatomy of a Police State”: The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Conference, by Ginny Garner

This looks like one of those rare conferences that you might actually want to attend. From Ginny Garner at

“If there was no hope at all, I would ask Daniel (McAdams) if I could hand out cyanide capsules” – speaker Jacob Hornberger

While at times it seems to many of us as if, as the 1965 Barry McGuire song goes, we’re on the eve of destruction, hundreds of high-spirited, intelligent freedom loving critical thinkers gathered on September 3rd to honor the greatest living liberty-promoting leader in their time: Dr. Ron Paul. Attendees at a hotel near Dulles Airport 31 miles from Washington, DC ranged from teenagers to senior citizens who had travelled from distant points across America and Canada to be in the presence of the 87-year-old revered statesman. One young couple drove from Pittsburgh and camped out the night before in a tent. A teenager from Nottingham, Virginia told me how excited she was that her parents had brought her to her first Ron Paul conference. A businessman from Maryland who listens to each and every one of Dr. Paul’s Liberty Reports broadcast Mondays through Fridays had his teenage son in tow. Tim Pool, who pioneered on the scene, livestream journalism with his 2011 coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests, was there. Once a supporter of Bernie Sanders, regarded as a maverick by the Democratic leadership which denied the socialist their party’s nomination, Pool’s detractors now label him as “alt-right.” Seeing the popular podcaster, who has 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, shaking the hand of Dr. Paul was a powerful, symbolic image of how the principles of liberty transcend the false left-right paradigm designed to divide and rule the people.

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