Letter to Klaus Schwab, by Margaret Anna Alice

If you really want insight into the minds of those who would rule us, read what they’ve written. From Margaret Anna Alice at margaretannaalice.substack.com:

This letter was originally published as a guest post at Coffee & COVID, a hysterical, informative, and action-oriented daily news roundup that is on my top-ten list of must-follow Substacks. I was deeply honored when attorney Jeff Childers told me he was reaching out to Substackers he admired to guest-blog for him while he was kicking tyrannical butt in trial, and I proudly joined Tessa Lena in stepping into Jeff’s unfillable shoes. He gave me a choice of three topics, one of which was “A Letter to Klaus Schwab,” so how could I resist an opportunity to add this enticing entry to my Letters series? Thank you for the invitation and inspiration, Jeff! 🙏

Letter to Klaus Schwab: Industrialist on a Huge Pile of Coins Looking Through a Telescope

I know how much you like playing super-villain, Klaus, but you’re really more of a mediocre-villain. C+ at best. Sorry to break it to you.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t summon terror, rage, or even disgust when I behold your dopey, dull, doltish demeanor. The most I can muster is pity. And cringe. Lots and lots of cringe.

Fawning over Henry Kissinger, for example. Like a tongue-tied seventh-grader crushing on a rock star backstage, you tumble over yer verds, a goofy smile frozen on your flushed face as you bat your eyelashes at your dreamy guru.

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