Why Did the West Learn to Embrace Fascism… Again? By Matthew Ehret

There are some ideas so stupid and evil only intellectuals and politicians can embrace them. From Matthew Ehret at strategic-culture.org:

During the Cold War and especially after 1991, too few asked the question: Upon whose blood did such abundance and “freedom” arise?

We have often heard World War II described as “the war to end all wars”.

Many in the west have even been led to believe that the ideology of Nazi fascism was simply so evil that nothing of the sort could possibly arise ever again.

The 1935 novel “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis attempted to warn Americans that the greatest danger of fascism’s success resided not in its cartoonish goosestepping portrayed in the media, but rather in the mass psychological delusion that such a system could possibly arise in the freedom-loving land of America.

Sadly, as we have seen in the course of the nearly eight decades after the allied victory of 1945, fascism has indeed arisen once more in a more virulent expression than anyone had imagined.

As today’s financial system careens towards an inevitable collapse not entirely different from the controlled demolition of the casino economy bubbles of 1929, geopolitical forces are again being brought into play that are also evoking once more the very real possibility of a new world war.

Instead of efforts to avoid such a disastrous nuclear confrontation by honest attempts to accept diplomatic pathways offered by Russian and Chinese statesmen, only antagonistic sabre rattling can be heard across the self-flattering corridors of Davos and NATO.

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