From the Twitter Files: Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary, by Matt Taibbi

It is clear that Twitter was acting as an agent for the FBI. From Matt Taibbi at

The latest documents show, in bulk, the grotesque master-canine relationship between the FBI and Twitter

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Matt Taibbi @mtaibbi

The Twitter Files has to be the craziest story in the history of journalism. There’s new drama every three minutes, it seems. The latest development had my phone blowing up with queries from multiple outlets. These included the New York Times and the Washington Post, two papers which didn’t call after the original story (although the Post, amusingly, did take time to temporarily label me a “conservative journalist”) but are suddenly hot for comment now.

The new controversy is over the apparent banning of a series of high-profile journalists, including Middlebrow Retweet Specialist Aaron Rupar and the post-ESPN, post-MSNBC, Fangoria version of Keith Olbermann. I’m against the banning of journalists and will be happy to say so in this case once I’ve had time to look at it — I haven’t — but I’m beyond puzzled that media writers seem to think this has anything to do with me. I don’t work for Elon Musk, and I’m not his keeper. I’m just a journalist working a story, and the piece published today — “Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary” — I think moves the needle forward significantly on an unrelated, more important topic.

A few housekeeping notes. One, the weekly America This Week podcast with the incomparable Walter Kirn is coming, later tonight (we discuss the FBI story). Also, I’ll be posting today’s Twitter thread tomorrow morning (please excuse me for not having it ready tonight, I feel like I haven’t slept for a year). Lastly, I’m hoping sometime this weekend to have another story out, explaining in greater detail what we’re finding and what we think it means.

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