how intelligence agencies take over governments and nation states, by el gato malo

The intelligence agencies/secret police have been in control of the U.S. government since at least the 1960s. From el gato malo at

control the sensory input, control the mind

the intelligence community is the eyes and ears of government.

they determine what it “sees” and what it “knows.”

but what if it has an agenda other than honesty?

what if it seeks instead to rule?

the threats are not even veiled.

watch “chuckles” schumer here. this is not a subtle statement, especially from a senate majority leader to a sitting president.

and watch his body language. it looks like he’s positively dying to make good on this threat. pavlov’s dogs did not salivate like that.

it’s enough to make you wonder precisely who he really works for.

and what if such a community decides it wants to take you down?

what might that look like?

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