Greed, Power and the Tantalizing Acceptance of Wokeism, by TL Davis

One way to accumulate fortune, fame, and power is to adroitly cheer each new degenerate intellectual fad—like wokeism—and then jump off just before it fades and jump on the next one. From TL Davis at

I believe that what we are witnessing, as every reliable institution is undermined by greed, power and the tantalizing acceptance of wokeism, is the end…of everything. I don’t mean the end of days in the Biblical term, but an end to propriety, decency and morality. The Kari Lake decision almost shouts this truth from the rooftops: it’s all corrupt, everything and everyone. Every fact is disputed by illogical and unfathomable delusion, yet the lie wins time and time again.

I say this is the end of everything and part of that everything is whatever delusions Americans might have had about themselves. For a long time there were the principles of America: truth, justice and the American way, which meant the right way, the honest way, the up-front and straight-forward way, personified by no one better than John Wayne. But, like John Wayne, we all sort of knew that it was a front, an act, a role we played as Americans. Always there was the “yeah, but” recognition of reality, “yeah, but that was a movie;” “yeah, but we know there ain’t no Andy Taylors.”

We held onto this self-deception, because to believe in it all was a means of blocking out the worst of human nature. One might know there are pedophiles stalking children, but to acknowledge it, speak openly about it was to normalize it to a degree, so it was never mentioned. There were victims and perpetrators of pedophilia and still, it just wasn’t right to discuss it, other than to relate the just punishment for it.

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