Who Benefited From This Chaos? By Jeffrey Tucker

Power and money flowed to a select group during the Covid travesty. From Jeffrey Tucker at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

Two years ago on this day, I posted a piece that was very hard to write. It concerned precisely who was benefiting from the lockdownsmasking, and all that was associated with it, including school and business closures and travel restrictions.

As much as we would all prefer for everyone to be concerned about big issues like public health and human rights, it’s sadly the case that industrial interests (and even ruling-class evildoers) sometimes prevail over both.

Obviously, most people all over the world have lost so much over three years, not only health and income but also hope. It’s tragic. Meanwhile, many others seem to have made out like bandits during the biggest transfer of wealth in the shortest time in the history of humanity.

(null xtract/Pexels)

Many groups and sectors had a kind of hankering for a pandemic. They turned a widespread and mostly manageable pathogen—doctor/patient relationships and reasonable cautions on the part of the vulnerable—and converted it into the basis for a global panic of compulsion and coercion that overthrew centuries of progress in law and liberty.

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