toughening up the buttercups, by el gato malo

Shielding people from adversity, failure, and pain shields them from growing up. From el gato malo at

it is not the people who are sick, it’s the society

when i was a child, we had an expression:

“toughen up, buttercup.”

such sentiments seem out of keeping with “modern” ideas of childhood and child rearing and even adulthood, but i suspect that this is the source of serious problems and not the pathway past them.

when i was a gatito “so why don’t you cry about it?” was a common retort to the whiny kid, the complainer, the mewling malcontent. was it nice? perhaps not. was it kind? well not precisely. but was it needed? i would argue yes. was it vital to raising real and competent humans? yes, very probably. and is it not the unkindest cut of all to allow our progeny to sidestep the struggles that imbue strength and grow up into sissified wussballs? well yes, i suspect it really, truly is.

and many are starting to notice. and i think perhaps its time we all did.

Dr. Roger McFillin @DrMcFillin

Myself, and many others, are fed up with normal human experiences being turned into psychiatric disorders. This is a human rights issue. Resist6:58 PM ∙ Feb 17, 2023175Likes22Retweets

so let’s be clear, i’m not saying there is no such thing as mental illness or that some people and especially some children may require more than typical levels of help. of course there are.

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