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The Regime Comes Clean, by Eric Peters

Few people have any illusions about our government anymore. It’s organized crime. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

When the law givers ignore the law, is there any obligation to obey the law-givers?

This question arises in the wake of the Biden regime – the right word, as it conveys the fundamental essence of the thing, as in capo regime . . . as in gang of thugs – announcing it doesn’t give a tinker’s damn for the recent  federal court stay of its order to private employers of 100 or more to require all employees submit to the Jab – else be Jabbed, themselves, with extortionate fines applied by OSHA.

Which lacks lawful jurisdiction to decree such a thing.

Never mind, moreover, that the capo regime hasn’t bothered to shepherd legislation through the “democratic process” – leg-humped when convenient – but rather simply ordered the mass Jabbing.

And the mass fining.

This being of a piece with the orders of the Don, duly enforced by the capos.

Hence, regime.

Well,  the Fifth Circuit of Appeals – which is a court and a federal one, at that – with legal/constitutional authority to bind the power of the federal government – issued a stay.

Which means that the Jabs cannot lawfully be required – or the fines applied – until after due process of law has elaborated.

Full stop. For now, at least.

This is the way it once worked when this country was governed by laws.

Some – okay, many  – of these laws were not good laws. But they were at least laws – the “at least” being a reference to the fact of some degree of process and accountability rather than the simple – do as you are told, because we tell you to do it – governed the law.

And bound the law-givers.

Remember, the president is – at least in theory – an executive. The chief executive, to be sure. But he is not – by law – a giver of law. His constitutional authority is to see that the laws are faithfully enforced.

Not to enforce his orders.

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