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The Cost of the (S)election . . . at Every Fill-Up, by Eric Peters

If you’re paying more for gas, and for many other things like food in which gas is part of the cost, thank Joe Biden. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Some probably think it was worth anything to get rid of the Orange Man – who got rid of himself, when you think about it, by not doing anything to prevent the spread of weaponized hypochondria.

But we’re finding out what it’s going to cost us.

Over just the past six weeks or so, the average price of a gallon of gasoline has risen from just over $2 a gallon to almost $3 per gallon. It is more than $3 per gallon in some areas – and is almost certain to get that high – and higher – everywhere else.

(S)elections have consequences.

The new el presidente – Third World jefe form, now appropriate in what was once the first world – sent us the bill almost as soon as he got (s)elected; it just took a few weeks for it to get to us.

He sent us the bill via decrees – these are styled “executive orders” to make them sound less like the decrees of an el presidente-jefe. They included the summary cancellation of the Keystone pipeline and the intimations of similar and more to come – all of them designed to make gasoline more expensive by making it more expensive to get the oil from which it is made.

To prevent as much oil from being produced here as was produced here prior to the selection. This axiomatically increases the scarcity of oil here and thus the price of gas everywhere.

It is very likely to get a great deal more expensive than it already is.

But let’s consider just how much it costs already – without considering how much it is likely to cost soon – and then you can decide whether the selection of the el presidente-jefe was worth it to you.

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