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Politicians Who Claim To Be Serious About Stopping Covid Better Get Serious About The Border, by Mark Glennon

A significant portion of the illegal immigrants coming across the US’s southern border have Covid. Nobody’s doing anything about it, but US citizens are being urged to take a risky vaccine of limited effectiveness or lose all sorts of things, like their jobs and their right to travel. From Mark Glennon at wirepoints.org:

“We know exactly how to shut it down. We need to make illegal entry illegal.”

— Border patrol agent speaking to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

If you think it’s exaggeration to call the situation at the Mexican border an invasion, read on. If you think it’s exaggeration to say that it’s a major and growing obstacle to containing COVID, keep. going. But if you expect to read something about our political establishment taking it seriously, forget it.

Napoleon invaded Russia with 685,000 troops. North Korea invaded South Korea with 135,000. The Allies invaded Europe with 2 million to retake it from the Nazis, which is about what they had in France three months after D-Day.

But this year alone over 2 million illegal entries from Mexico are expected. Even CNN acknowledges that number, but the true number likely will be far, far more. That’s an invasion. It’s not that the entrants are vile in some way comparable to invaders who start wars – everybody, hopefully, feels compassion for them and understands why they come. But, numerically speaking, it’s an invasion.

What is the impact on efforts to contain COVID? Unquestionably, bigger causes are behind the current surge in COVID, the largest by far being the Delta variant that is far more contagious than the original virus. Nobody is claiming that the border crisis is the primary cause of the current spike.

But it’s absurd to claim that COVID isn’t another major reason why the border must be enforced. COVID at the border is a growing, serious concern.

Source: NBC News

A stunning 18 percent of illegal migrants are estimated to be infected. “More than 18 percent of migrant families and 20 percent of unaccompanied minors who recently crossed the U.S. border tested positive for Covid on leaving Border Patrol custody” over a recent, reported NBC, citing a briefing document prepared for President Joe Biden.

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CDC’s Walensky won’t admit illegals spreading COVID at border; promises ‘guidelines’ someday, by Monica Showalter

While the rest of the nation locks down, masks, physically distances and the rest of the Covid nonsense, nothing at all is being done about the hundreds of thousands entering the US illegally, many of whom are infected with Covid. From Monica Showalter at americanthinker.com:

The more CDC director Rochelle Walensky talks, the worse she sounds.

Along with her well noted controversial statements about returning to mask-wearing and a nationally mandated COVID vaccine, the latter of which she walked back to some extent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director threw out other nutty statements that are worth noting — if for nothing else, then the fact that Joe Biden says he defers to her and her continuously mistaken bureaucrats at CDC.

Breitbart News reported that a question about illegal border-crossers spreading COVID, from Fox News’s Bret Baier, triggered this exchange:

Baier said, “But do you know the surge, how the surge of illegal immigrants with COVID is affecting the overall rate, you know, it sounds like the percentages down there on the border are astronomical?”

Walensky said, “Yeah, you know, I would say that the percentages in the southern part of this country are really quite high. I don’t necessarily think we can attribute all of that to what’s going on at the southern border. I think what we really need to do is spend our time getting our communities vaccinated to getting our individuals vaccinated to prevent disease from transmitting in our communities.”

Basically, she was attempting to brush off the obvious problem of unvetted illegal aliens coming into the U.S. and spreading COVID throughout the country.  With the U.S. paying for their tickets, either by airplane or bus, to their choice of destinations, it’s pretty obvious that a disease vector, courtesy of the Biden administration, is in place.  During the Trump administration, that avenue of spread was shut down firmly through Title 42, throwing illegal migrants back on COVID concerns, based on protecting the country.

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