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America’s Frontline Doctors File Federal Lawsuit to Curtail Emergency Use of Covid Vaccines, by Paul Craig Roberts

America already owes a debt of gratitude to America’s Frontline Doctors for having the courage to raise questions about the entire establishment Covid-19 response. That debt may grow if this lawsuit goes through. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:


Lisbon Court Rules Only 0.9% of ‘Verified Cases’ Died of COVID, Numbering 152, Not 17,000 Claimed


Related Development:

A federal district court has ordered NIH to release the Moderna safety data from Moderna’s Covid vaccine trials that Tony Fauci has been hiding.

We will see if the corrupt American establishment will have a higher court overturn the ruling.


America’s Frontline Doctors File Federal Lawsuit to Curtail Emergency Use of Covid Vaccines

Paul Craig Roberts

It appears that my reading of the Covid information is correct.  The official reported cases and deaths are a scam, and the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus.

America’s Frontline Doctors have filed a federal lawsuit to stop the emergency use of untested and unapproved vaccines on three groups of people.


We will see if Big Pharma owns the courts too.

We have been lied to by medical bureaucrats such as Fauci at NIH and Rochelle Walensky at CDC, by the medical establishment, by ignorant politicians, and of course by the scum presstitutes and social media.  The question is: did they lie out of ignorance or on purpose?  Are they concerned with our health or with Big Pharma’s profits, government control over people, and perhaps darker agendas such as population reduction and the WEF’s “Great Reset”?

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The Pharmaceutical Narrative is Failing, by Britigne Shaffer

Not even a mainstream media bought and paid for bu the pharmaceutical narrative can stop the hydroxychloroquine story from getting out. From Britigne Shaffer at lewrockwell.com:

So now we don’t have to listen to what those doctors said in front of the US Supreme Court, because it turns out that one of them has some whacky beliefs about sex with demons causing reproductive disorders. What a relief.

I’m not going to pretend that the things Dr. Stella Immanuel has said don’t sound just a little  crazy to me. They do. But I’ve been observing this game long enough to have a pretty good idea of how this works:

Someone says something that contradicts the dominant narrative (in this case, the narrative about medical science), and the machine that supports that narrative goes into overdrive to discredit them, with whatever information they can dig up–as long as it doesn’t involve discussing the actual substance of what the person has said.

I understand that for some people, maybe even for a great many, that is the end of the conversation. So for everyone who is satisfied with the “fringe doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine also believe demon sex causes fybroids” narrative–please, stop here. Your ride is over, and you may go on believing that this group of doctors and other professionals has been thoroughly discredited by these statements.

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US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med, by Steve Jalsevac

The campaign against Covid medications that demonstrably work can only be labeled murderous. From Steve Jalsevac at lifesitenews.com:

Dr. Simone Gold’s White Paper reveals the shocking, deep corruption and deception that has resulted in desperately needed, life-saving COVID infection treatments being suppressed since the pandemic began.
PETITION: Tell the FDA to reverse its opposition to Hydroxychloroquine and help save lives  Sign petition here.

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week’s explosively successful conference by America’s Frontline Doctors’ group, that exposed a “massive disinformation campaign” against the life-saving ability of Hydroxychloroquine to cure the Chinese coronavirus, was totally shut off the Internet by the tech giants. The group was in D.C. July 27 for its “White Coat Summit” event, which was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots and Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.). It kicked off with a full-day agenda and finished up the next day with a second press conference and congressional lobbying.

A Facebook representative gave as a vague excuse that the event was taken down for allegedly “sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” As usual, Facebook refused to give any specifics. In reality, the tech companies themselves may be guilty of a “crime against humanity” and “criminal” spreading of false information that could have resulted in numerous deaths because infected patients and their physicians were denied crucial life-saving information provided during that event.

You will understand the severity of what the tech giants did as you read below some excerpts from Conference organizer Dr. Simone Gold’s White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine.

Most of the talks given during the day-long full conference can be seen here. I would strongly recommend viewing what these experts had to say that credibly contradicts the lies and misinformation that the public has been fed for months about hydroxychloroquine and other issues related to the Wuhan virus.

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Dr. Fauci and HCQ Exposed by the ‘Frontline Doctors’, by James Grundvig

It’s a sign of how corrupted medical science has become in this country when no scientific debate is allowed about the effectiveness of a drug used for the treatment of Covid-19. From James Grundvig at vaxxter.com:

The Vaccine Deep State full-court press began a half-day after the viral video of the Frontline Doctors exploded across the Internet on Monday, July 27, 2020.

The impressive stat line read: 17 million views on Facebook. One million views on Twitter. Several million more views on YouTube. And searches galore on Google. All in less than 10 hours.

To put the Frontline Doctors’ video in perspective: It tripled the size of the smash hit “Plandemic” movie viewership in one-eighth the time.

Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci couldn’t allow licensed lab coats to torpedo their vaccine-only agenda by extolling the success of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in conjunction with zinc and azithromycin. So they called in a few favors to the tech giants, which instantly colluded to censor board-certified medical doctors from across the United States. The next day, Vimeo deleted the video and Squarespace, Inc., the company hosting the Frontline Doctor’s website shut it down and the ‘404’ message was found in its place.

How’s that for a digital back-alley assault?

Beyond direct leadership at Squarespace, two of the company’s board members include the former CEO of Getty Images and the current CFO of Wayfair, which has had an exciting month. Recently, Reddit users accused Wayfair of being a child sex trafficking portal for pedophiles. Naturally, Wayfair denied the crowdsourced research claims and the allegations that exposed many anomalies, such as stealth codes that revealed extreme sticker-shock prices for basic furniture compared to other similar basement price items, with only one (1) in stock. All the benign honeypots for captured children were hidden in plain sight for anyone to search and click. Strange doesn’t begin to explain such abnormalities for a publicly-traded company like Wayfair, Inc. (W).

Bottom line: The incestuous tech industry couldn’t allow medical doctors to drop truth bombs about HCQ to the American public. Not from the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Washington, DC. Not during a pandemic, when “all hands on deck” are needed to promote the global event that would be meaningless in any other election year except this one.

No, Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram dropped the censor hammers, taking a considerable risk in doing so.

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