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The New Far-Left Curriculum Transforming Our Public Schools, by Robert Steven Ingebo

Why would anyone think that government schools would promote an ideology other than slavish devotion to the government? From Robert Steven Ingebo at americanthinker.com:

“Deep Equity,” developed by the Corwin company, is quickly becoming the new standard curriculum being taught in our public schools.  If you’ve never heard of it, you soon will.  It’s in San Tan Valley in Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; the entire Cleveland Ohio public school district; charter schools in California; and many more American cities as well as Canada.

This is how their website describes it:

The Deep Equity framework, based on the work of Gary Howard, helps schools and districts establish the climate, protocols, common language, and common goal of implementing culturally responsive teaching practices.

The Deep Equity approach is based on the belief that scholastic inequities are symptomatic of institutional biases and norms that must be directly challenged through systemic, ongoing, and authentic work.

Deep Equity is a comprehensive and systemic professional development process aimed at producing the deep personal, professional, and organizational transformations that are necessary to create equitable places of learning for all of our nation’s children.

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