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New York City is a Sh*thole, by Paul Joseph Watson

When Half of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves and Never Comes Back, by Peter Van Buren

All the major Democrat-run cities are toast, but New York’s downfall is a reflection of a special kind of stupidity, mostly by Mayor Bill de Blasio. From Peter Van Buren at theamericanconservative.com:

Without anyone left to pay for the city, the Big Apple is headed for a failed state.

The separateness in New York, and by extension much of the nation curled around it from America’s eastern edge, stands out. There are the hyper-wealthy and there are the multi-generational poor. They depend on each other, but with COVID who needs who more has changed.

It’s easy to stress how far apart the rich and the poor live, even though the mansions of the Upper West Side are less than a mile from the crack dealers uptown. The rich don’t ride public transportation, they don’t send their kids to public schools, they shop and dine in very different places with private security to ensure everything stays far enough apart to keep it all together.

But that misses the dependencies which until now have simply been a given in the ecosystem. The traditional view has been the rich need the poor to exploit as cheap labor—textbook economic inequality. But with COVID as the spark, the ticking bomb of economic inequality may soon go off in America’s greatest city. Things are changing and New York, and by extension America, needs to ask itself what it wants to be when it grows up.

It’s snapshot simple. The wealthy and the companies they work for pay most of the taxes. The poor consume most of the taxes through social programs. COVID is driving the wealthy and their offices out of the city. No one will be left to pay for the poor, who are stuck here, and the city will collapse in the transition. A classic failed state scenario.

New York City is home to 118 billionaires, more than any other American city. New York City is also home to nearly one million millionaires, more than any other city in the world. Among those millionaires some 8,865 are classified as “high net worth,” with more than $30 million each.

They pay the taxes. The top one percent of NYC taxpayers pay nearly 50 percent of all personal income taxes collected in New York. Personal income tax in the New York area accounts for 59 percent of all revenues. Property taxes add in more than a billion dollars a year in revenue, about half of that generated by office space.

What a surprise– there’s a mass exodus out of New York City! by Simon Black

The mystery isn’t why there’s an exodus out of New York, particularly its tax base, but why anyone would want to stay. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

In the 1650s, European rivals like England and France were busy dividing up the New World in North America.

France settled much of modern day Quebec in Canada, and England initially settled colonies in the mid-Atlantic.

The English and French didn’t have much in common, and they were bitter rivals. But one thing they did agree on was their mutual hatred of Jewish people.

This was part of a long tradition in Europe. Jews had been expelled from England in 1290. France kicked out all its Jews on at least three occasions from 1192 to 1394.

Spain expelled its Jewish population the same year Columbus sailed for the new world, and Portugal followed a few years later.

And still in the 1650s, Jews were banned from the French and English colonies in North America.

The Governor of the Dutch colony, “New Netherland”, also tried to turn away a group of Jewish refugees in 1654.

But the West India Company, which essentially founded and ran New Netherland, intervened, and convinced him otherwise.

It’s not that the West India Company was into “celebrating diversity.” It simply came down to economics. They wanted productive, talented people to settle their colony.

So the West India Company gently reminded the Governor that a large portion of the colony’s capital had come from Jewish investors.

A small settlement on the tip of Manhattan called New Amsterdam was especially tolerant.

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